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Country Ale in a Jar

The following is a recipe for an ancient beverage known as mead. This one is a beer version similar to the one s drank by my ancestors on feast days. The color, flavor, head thickness, and nose of this beer depend entirely on three things: water quality, yeast variety, and the honey used. Your success in even getting beer is almost entirely dependent on cleanliness.

For almost a pint you will need: continue reading...

How long do I keep...

I have a couple things floating around, and I didn't see anything on the website mentioning use-by dates... unless I missed it, which is quite possible.

So first of all, frozen mochi. I bought it for Tanabata (July 7) and used it up one by one, so the leftovers have never been thawed. How long does it last? It's unflavored. Used for moffles, which are amazing. continue reading...

Molded Puddings?

I have some really cute plastic pudding mold/cups (kind of like these: but I don't know how to make the kind of pudding that would mold like that. Does anyone know? I keep seeing recipes that look tasty but require baking or steaming. My little plastic cups wouldn't stand a chance in a steamer!

I made agar-agar jelly in them and it was cool, but it was mega-hard to un-mold and my (suddenly uncharacteristically picky) kid won't eat it :-(

Thanks! :D


The local farmer's market has been getting some great kale. However, I don't know of many good recipes for kale. Can anyone suggest anything? So far I've just been steaming/blanching it with any combination of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and olive oil. Can kale be substituted for cabbage effectively? continue reading...



Yesterday I went to the supermarket and found... Fresh green soy beans! I thought "hey, isn't this edamame?"

I was about to buy some, but then I realized I don't actually know how to cook them. They are sold in a plastic container, and without the pods. I can't tell wether they are already boiled or not (i think they are not). But anyway...

Hoy do I cook them? Should I boil them? And for how long?
And the most important thing: How long will they last in my fridge once boiled???

I truly love edamame and i wouldn't mind to eat them on a regular basis... any help?

Thanks! :D

Pancake batter?

Strange one, I know, but I was looking for ways to dress up the just-add-water pancake mix that abounds. I've already mashed in a banana and some cinnamon into them. Let me tell you, those came out yummy! What do other people do to make their pancakes better?

dumpling wrappers

Today I made dumplings for the first time and used up about half of the skins. Now I am wondering how I should save the rest. For now I have just put them in a ziploc bag in the fridge, but I don't want them to dry out before I want to use them next.

How to make a Mario Super Mushroom for your Bento

Here's how to make a Super Mushroom for your bento decoration.
via: Geeksaresexy