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I have a couple things floating around, and I didn't see anything on the website mentioning use-by dates... unless I missed it, which is quite possible.

So first of all, frozen mochi. I bought it for Tanabata (July 7) and used it up one by one, so the leftovers have never been thawed. How long does it last? It's unflavored. Used for moffles, which are amazing.

Second, I have canned tsubushi-an (because I gave in to laziness and didn't make my own... and I couldn't find azuki beans!) that is open, but covered, and I put it in the fridge for some reason... I'm probably not going to use it with any real frequency, because I'm the only person who eats it.

Third, kitsune, which is actually aburaage, I think? It's inari wrappers so it's flavored/seasoned/drenched with yummy goodness. My brother makes a mean inari. But I digress.

Last is umeboshi! I don't have experience with keeping any kind of pickled thing! My dad does, but he has an iron stomach and I don't trust him. These are refrigerated right now. I'm still getting re-used to them, so they might be there a while.

If anyone knows how long I can keep these, I'd appreciate it! I'm a bit paranoid about food going bad, which is probably partly my dad's fault. He's the 'experimental' cook of the family. Good at it though. Too bad it isn't hereditary. :(

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Re: How long do I keep...

All of the foods you described, in the state they are kept in (frozen/canned), keep indefinitely. You may want to use up the mochi before it gets freezer burn though, which will dessicate it. I am not sure about how long canned goods last, but using them up within a year or so is probably a good idea. You need to use them up ASAP after opening them of course. And umeboshi is a preserved food, that lasts quite a long time and is safe (though the texture does get worse over time). I've eaten 10 year old umeboshi without dying... though it probably was a bit old ^_^;


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Re: How long do I keep...

When I open a packet of inari wrappers I freeze the ones I don't use. They freeze well and don't change their texture the way ordinary tofu does - presumably because they've already had most of their water fried out of them. If I were you I'd have done the same thing with the tsubushi-an, even freezing it in ice-cube trays or something so you can just defrost the amount you want.

As far as freezing goes, as Maki says, food keeps indefinitely in the freezer. All of those dates and times you are supposed to use frozen stuff by are to do with how nice it looks and tastes - those things do deteriorate with time - not whether it's safe or not. So you could quite safely take something out of the freezer that had been there for 20 years and taste it to see what it was like - you'd probably biff it because it'd taste or feel funny, but it wouldn't hurt you.



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