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Sushi Nori

I was thinking of making a healthier type of pita using sushi nori. The problem isn't the taste, but the smell is Really Bad. Any ideas on how to dilute the seaweed smell?

Green Tomato Tsukemono

Looking for a good TSUKEMONO recipe for Green Tomatoes -- Help, have tons of tomatoes!!!

Help cooking meals

I'm a pretty standard 30's guy who can follow a recipe. I would really like to start cooking Japanese food as well as making bento boxes. The bento box books that I've seen are look pretty complete as far as making a complete meal. It would be great if there were similar resources for making breakfast and dinner meals. I'm trying to make the distinction of cooking a dish from a recipe and putting together a meal. I can follow a recipe, but I break down when trying to combine things. continue reading...


Heeeello everyone!!

it seems that everyone is on a diet here and they are asking me (their healthy food reference, lol) for some original salad recipes. I told them some recipes I had but I came out to notice that I do not know that much recipes more than the chickpeas salad, and this one that I think has not been posted yet. If it has, just ignore it, lol (one serving):

- 1 tomato for salad
- 1 french onion
- canned tuna
- olive oil
- vinegar
- a pinch of salt. continue reading...

Authentic paella?

Hi everyone! I know we have some Spanish members here (Jiza, Loretta...anyone else?) Anyway - I was recently asked for an 'authentic' paella recipe, and realized I don't have a clue! I'm wondering what to you is an 'authentic' paella? Do you need a paella pan? What kind of rice? What should go in it? What are the must-have characteristics? Please chime in whether you're Spanish or not, if you love paella :)

I need ideas for using (hopefully using up) peeled & boiled lotus root

I bought a bag/package of peeled and boiled lotus root.
Seeing others use it made me very curious.

Well now I am stuck -- opened the bag the other day and tried pan frying a couple of pieces with what I was making for breakfast. I got my son and my husband to try it. The men were like "ok but I would not be interested in having it again" and I am wondering what else I can do.

Also - how long will it last in the fridge now that the sealed packaging is open??

Thanks for the help.


So, I have all of this coffee sitting around my house, whole bean. Was wondering if you guys have any ideas of what to do with it, besides brewing (Which I do, but working in a coffee shop kinda makes it redundant) and baking (My oven's busted :<). Open to most stuff :D

What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live without?

Here I am, just enjoying cooking a risotto primavera (in summer... so more a Risotto Estate, then:)). It's one of my favourite cookery activities; it's relaxing, gives you time to reflect while your stir and stir...I also enjoy the copious glasses of wine consumed in this lengthy process. I tend to go a little bit Keith Floyd when I cook dishes with alcohol in - one for the pot, one for me! - so try to avoid recipes involving booze, and always use cooking sake rather than drinking sake. :) continue reading...