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Hi guys!

I recently learned that there's a new food fad in Japan called "Neko-manma", which consists of rice mixed and matched with various toppings.
"Neko-manma", which literally translates into kitty food, refers to leftovers like rice mixed with miso soup or whatever was from the night before. It was probably named because people in the old days would give that to pets.
But the present-day neko-manma completely shatters preconceived notions. Some of these topping combos are unexpected, like potato chips and mayo (boy do Japanese people love mayonnaise!), others are not that out of the blue, for example, oden and the soup from it poured onto the rice, or natto and okra and egg. Books dedicated to neko-manma (the one I just saw was are popping up and selling like hotcakes because they are very cheap (you don't need many ingredients, and you can use leftovers too...the link above's main catchphrase is "One Meal for 30yen"), easy to make at home (you just need to pour everything on top of a bowl of rice, and you don't really need to cook much), and easy to clean and eco-friendly too (you only need one rice bowl). continue reading...

Pickles and use-by-date fears...

Hey there,
I have a surplus of Korean Takuan-type pickles (I bought a big pack of beautiful sun-like slices) and was wondering how long one should keep them in the fridge? They're in a tupperware type thingy, but as there was no date on the packaging, I keep getting the fear - I have a bit of an obsession with use-by-dates, which my other half finds very odd. As they are preserved, I figured they could live in there for a while, but as I say...I got the fear now, and so keep using them in EVERY meal in my haste to get through 'em! continue reading...

Taro Taro Taro! Help and recipes, please!

I have purchased some cute, hairy little satoimo, and have suddenly remembered that I only know of one recipe for them. I was a lovely mash with mushroom sauce, from the Enlightened Kitchen... that book still lives down south with my parents (must get them to send it...) but I guess I could remember the recipe, but other than that... what other recipes can you good people recommend? If they are bento-friendly, all the better, but one can't have everything. Thanks in advance for any taro ideas! x

Smart Mamas

This is the sweetest reason I've heard for washing rice. Such a cute story!

Japanese equivalent of beans and rice?

Hey everyone,
As an average student I was wondering if there was a Japanese equivalent of the super cheap meal beans and rice. I mean something healthy, cheap, and easy that isn't instant ramen. :P I'd also be interested in learning what your country's version of a cheap and healthy meal is! Thanks! :D

Cute cooking show on YouTube!

I just found the cutest cooking show on YouTube, it's called, "Cooking With Dog" and it's a lady and her darling mini poodle showing how to cook many Japanese recipes. She's very good with the step by step and the ingredients are shown at the end of each segment. The dog is the "narrator", lol!
Anyway, I just thought it was very entertaining and informative. Hope you check it out and enjoy it!

Here's a link to her oden-

It looks like the post is kinda old so everyone may have already seen it - but I stumbled across this today:

Maki is #7.

Help: red finger food

On Sunday afternoon me and some friends are going to run a Murder Mystery Party.
It will be the kind where there are some "actors" playing the part of the suspects and the "public" plays detective trying to solve the murder.

We are going to offer something to drink and something to eat. Since much of the story revolves around Bloody Mary (the drink) and strawberries, I'd like to keep a "red" theme. I'm going to bake a strawberry yogurt cake and cover it with red icing, but I could use some suggestion for red finger food. continue reading...