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Mixing white and black rice?

Hi, I saw a bento blog a while ago where onigiri were made by mixing black (thai?) rice and regular white sushi rice. Result was really nice-looking black-purple onigiri! I didn't bookmark the page so can't find it anymore...but I'd really like to try it, too. Has anyone tried mixing black and regular rice? Any opinions what kind/brand of black rice works best?
I don't own rice cooker so I usually boil the rice or microwave it, but I think I'll just have to experiment with cooking times then.

If I mix white rice and brown rice, which setting should I use on my rice cooker?

I mixed 1 part brown rice to two parts haiga rice. Should I use the white or brown rice setting? Thank you!

Product Testing: Mochi

So, I was browsing my local Health Food Store this week. As I was searching for Non-GMO tofu (they had none, the hypocrites) I saw this product, which I had noticed on previous trips.

It was labeled "Break-And-Bake Mochi". I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Please enjoy my flikr set detailing my experience with this product:

If you don't want to do that, here is the summary:

Don't buy this product. Mochiko is cheaper, and tastes better.

Mushi Pan variations for dough and topping?

I'm in love with Mushi-Pan right now and I also tried my own one some days ago! I also made some Matcha-butter-cream and Sesame-peanut-cream as a topping. It was delicious, but I want to try more flavors.

Do you have any tips for me how to variate the Mushi-Pan-dough a little bit?

What is your favorite-Mushi-Pan ingredient? (for example, chocolate, fruits or any other cream as a topping...?)

Thx for all your help! =D

Are there any mirins out there that don't have sugar added?

The only one I've been able to find here in the US is Eden Foods Mirin, but it contains no alcohol and I heard those mirins were inferior? All the ones I see at the Asian grocery and online have corn syrup added to them/ ANy suggestions?

Long cooked dashi

Has anyone else seen this?

It's a blog I find really interesting (because I'm a geek), and I've been able to try out a few of their techniques using old equipment rescued from work. I haven't tried this dashi thing yet, but I've made "roast" beef sous vide* and it was stunningly good.

*Vacuum packed, submerged in a 55°C waterbath for a few hours, then quickly seared on the outside before eating.


Does anyone have japanese recipes for seitan?

Is Haiga-mai really as nutritious as brown rice, minus the fiber?

Or might it be corporations taking advantage of consumers who don't like brown rice? I actually really like brown rice, more than white in fact. But I also am growing fond of haiga-mai. Plus it's much simpler to cook. I don't really care if it has less fiber because sometimes I think I get too much anyway, but I don't want to take a major hit on nutrients. Also, does anyone know its glycemic index compared to brown rice? Thank you!