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Yesterday I went to the supermarket and found... Fresh green soy beans! I thought "hey, isn't this edamame?"

I was about to buy some, but then I realized I don't actually know how to cook them. They are sold in a plastic container, and without the pods. I can't tell wether they are already boiled or not (i think they are not). But anyway...

Hoy do I cook them? Should I boil them? And for how long?
And the most important thing: How long will they last in my fridge once boiled???

I truly love edamame and i wouldn't mind to eat them on a regular basis... any help?

Thanks! :D


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Re: Edamame

I just steam mine along with any other veggies I have on the go. It all depends on how soft you like them? Maybe a few minutes in boiling water? I'm not really sure, the ones I buy are frozen. Hopefully someone else will come along with more advice in a bit!



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Re: Edamame

They are just shelled edamame. Edamame are green soy beans. (Incidentally, edamame is written 枝豆, which means 'branch beans', because in Japan the fresh ones are usually sold as whole plants, with the pods still on the branches.) You can boil them and eat them as-is, or put them in salads, stir-fries, grind them up and make edamame hummus... whatever you can come up with!


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Re: Edamame

oookay :D
so i can both boil them and steam them :D cool :D Should i soak them the night before or something? They seem to be quite soft (like peas) so maybe I shouldn't. hmm...
I'm buying them today ^^

I knew they were sold in their pods, i even ate them sometimes in a couple of restaurants :D

Edamame hummus. That opens a new world for me :D

Thanks!! :D

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