General Cooking and Recipes


FOR OVER A YEAR I have been looking for a recipe for "chinese longevity or birthday buns"
It might not be japanese, but I AM SOOOOO DESPERATE to find a recipe.

I have found a several recipes... None of them turned out like the buns I had. ToT

The main problem is that none of them are white, fluffy, and soft like the buns I had.

All the recipes I have tried are all a soft brown color, and have a wheaty-yeasty taste.

When I asked the waitress how they made them, she said that they buy them in boxes of 100, and come frozen.

I really need a recipe. Could someone help me?

Recipe Info

Does anyone know the Recipe of a "Cherry Blossom Shortcake" I saw it on a show "3 min cooking" but i cant read Japanese and didn;t have time to take a pic, if anyone knows or has a pic of the recipe plz post or send to me.

please help me with christmas dinner!

hello, everybody, and happy holidays! continue reading...

Sick Mommy

My mommy came down with pneumonia last week. I am heading home tomorrow after my finals, and I want to make sure I feed her nutritious food, but I also want it to be beautiful!

I am planning on trying maki's stewed vegetables on the front page, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to find all the ingredients (if I can find lotus root or kombu in shoprite I will consider it a Christmas Miracle.)

You guys probably know lots about macrobiotic and things like that, so any suggestions on what I can make that will help my mom feel better? I promise to take pictures!

Matcha Cookies Help?

Okay, so I want to make these cookies that Maki posted ages ago
because I'm addicted to matcha and these look delicious. However, I'm a bit stuck on the amounts. I'm from Canada - we don't use scales in our cooking (here in BC if you own a scale it's seen as.. dodgy). So I'm at a loss as to how much of those ingredients I'd need. Normally I'd just guess, but baking is a lot more precise than cooking, so any help would be wonderful. continue reading...

Some general questions on Japanese food

Hello, I have a few general questions on Japanese food.

Firstly, what should I do if I have an aversion to alcohol or can't find mirin or sake in the stores near me? I have indeed head of mirin without alcohol but I have also heard it is of poor quality.

Secondly, for general rice cooking (not sushi rice) is there a particular way to season it?

I suppose that is all for now

What should I serve with onigiri and miso soup?

Hey everyone,
I'm serving a couple of my friends lunch and am trying to decide what to give them. I've already decided on miso soup and onigiri, but don't know what else to give them. I need something simple, with lots of veggies in it, but something that's still Japanese.
Any ideas?
I'd prefer not to do anything with rice or noodles, because I am already serving onigiri. However, I'd be okay with a noodle dish.
Help please!

What to do with leftover bu

So my kombu has just given its all in a vegetarian dashi stock but there is so much of it I dare not throw it out and I wish to inquire if there is anthing else I can do with it after it has made the stock.

Also would anyone advise using dashi as the base for chinese hot and sour soup or would that turn out badly?