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Old american cookbooks online

I found this site and I thought that it may be of interest to others :)
It's a collection of old american cookbooks (from 1798 to 1922)
They are available to browse online or downloaded as pdf.

What veggies go with meatballs and rice?

My mom and I are doing our bi-weekly meal planning and we found a delicious sounding sweet and saucy meatball recipe to go with rice. However we are not sure what sort of veggies we should put with it, as all we keep coming up with is peppers, which apparently my dad does not like. Any suggestions?

Cooking in aluminium foil in the pan

Hi everybody!

I saw on a bento book a method for cooking small amounts of food at the same time:
they put an aluminium foil below an ingredient in the 18 cm non-stick pan, so for example they are able to cook chicken in a half of the pan (on a piece of aluminium foil), and some vegetables in the other half, on the pan or on another piece of aluminium foil.
Then if you want to cook some other food you just have to use a new aluminium foil and the pan is already clean!

I thought I found the japanese secret for cooking small amounts of many dishes at once, continue reading...

Mochi crush

So, a few years ago my friend Min taught me to make this mochi-esque dessert/snack/treat: Mix sweet/sticky/glutinous rice flour with enough water to make a batter with the consistency of heavy cream. Pour that onto a buttered flat plate or flat form so that you have a nice large 1/8" or 1/4" flat pool of batter. Microwave or steam (microwaving is vastly faster for me) for a minute or two, watching carefully. The batter is cooked when it has changed from bright opaque white to a more translucent white/pearly grey. continue reading...

Is this still good?

So, I was going to go to the liquor store to buy a bottle of sake for all these yummy recipes. Then I remembered there's a 10-year-old bottle (never opened) of sake in the cabinet, which we were given.

So, is it still any good, or will it be toxic?

Kombu for dashi.. cook's treat?

I have a question about making dashi. I make dashi with some regularity, and I put the kombu & bonito in the freezer to make niban dashi, and this makes me happy to be getting good use from these ingredients. continue reading...

How long do bento ingredients keep in the fridge?

If I can think of one single question whose answer would help me be a better bentoist, it's how long bento ingredients (carrots, rice balls, veggie stir fry - anything) can be expected to sit in the fridge and still come out not only nontoxic but tasty. For instance, I stir-fried a little bok choy for bentos later this week this evening - but will it still taste good on Monday? On Thursday? Does anyone have any good guidelines?