Molded Puddings?

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I have some really cute plastic pudding mold/cups (kind of like these: but I don't know how to make the kind of pudding that would mold like that. Does anyone know? I keep seeing recipes that look tasty but require baking or steaming. My little plastic cups wouldn't stand a chance in a steamer!

I made agar-agar jelly in them and it was cool, but it was mega-hard to un-mold and my (suddenly uncharacteristically picky) kid won't eat it :-(

Thanks! :D

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Re: Molded Puddings?

Are you vegan? Ordinary gelatin jelly is easy enough to unmould from that sort of thing, because the edges melt slightly when you run the mould under hot water - which agar doesn't. Agarose (agar) is unusual in that it melts at a much higher temperature than it sets at - so two lots of agar can be the same temperature, but the one that is cooling down will be runny, while the one that is heating up is still solid. Peculiar, isn't it?

Anyway, any sort of gelatin thing should be fine, if you eat gelatin. There's a thing you can make with jelly (what you'd call Jello) where you dissolve the jelly and let it cool but not quite set - so it's syrupy, then mix it with UNsweetened condensed milk and whip it to a foam. Then you pour it into the moulds. It's been years since I made it though and I can't remember the specifics.

Update: Having remembered that unsweetened condensed milk is actually called evaporated milk, I found these:

You could do something like this:

or you could make blancmange (haven't eaten this since I was a child, even the name makes me shudder)
I may not like it, but many people do.

Of course, if you're vegan you won't want to do any of those. You could make blancmange with almond-, rice-, or soy milk though.



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Re: Molded Puddings?

A couple of years ago, I made a lemon "mousse" for a baby shower. The recipe was from Wilton, and you can get it here:

It was simple, and if you are not averse to eating gelatin, that would probably be a good one to use with your molds. I imagine you could use any flavor jello you liked!

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Re: Molded Puddings?

You reason why you do not see any agar-agar / kanten jelly recipes around these parts from me is that, I personally do not like the mouth feel of kanten on its own! It feels me. It needs to be mixed or diluted with other stuff, and that gets tricky. And if there is anything that tastes worse than cold kanten, which is edible, it's room temperature kanten as you see in many kyaraben and the like. Style over taste never flies with me. Sooo...yeah.

Purin (Japanese for what is called a flan in Spanish, or a caramel pudding or custard) is usually made with eggs and milk. Are your molds microwave-proof? If so (and you're not a vegan), I can try to dig up a recipe for you.


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Re: Molded Puddings?

now that's a surprise!! do you understand spanish, Maki? :)

I love flan *o*


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Perfect Purin

I love flan too!

So much so that amongst my list of planned food pilgrimages is a visit to a purin obsessive based in Haneda on the outskirts of Tokyo.

As I understand it, this man made it his mission to make the ultimate purin. He spent years devoted to this task, with a dedication and zeal that required him to eat 20 flans a day as part of his research. The change in his physique did not pass unnoticed by his clientele.

Should you find yourself in Haneda, or want to combine a trip there with a ride on the monorail which serves this area (change at Tenkubashi), the details are:
name of restaurant - 杜若亭 (might be pronounced 'Wakatei' not sure)
Address: Haneda 4-20-11, Ota Ward, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-5737-533
nearest station - Anamoriinari
Map -

Shop looks like this:

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