Green Tomato Tsukemono

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Looking for a good TSUKEMONO recipe for Green Tomatoes -- Help, have tons of tomatoes!!!

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Re: Green Tomato Tsukemono

I'm afraid that I very, very rarely get to enjoy green tomatoes in London.

There are a few recipes for green tomato pickles on the internet in Japanese. Unfortunately, I don't read or write it (it's more of a crossword puzzle for me - I tend to decipher what I can)

I used 青トマトのピクルス as a search term and found a few recipes using Google. This was one of the clearest I saw. I've included the results from two translation tools - if you can flick between them what is missed out in one version of the recipe is generally covered by the other.

My concern is that it doesn't mention how long the pickles need to marinade before they are ready. But from what I can tell from the other recipes, I'd guess it was a week (some recipes say two weeks).

Unfortunately, green tomato pickles aren't really typical of Japanese cooking so they don't feature at all in any of the tsukemono references I usually use (tomatoes in Japan only started being eaten in any significant quantities from the 1920s and only became widely cultivated from the 1960s). From what I can tell, green tomato pickles are a speciality of some parts of Eastern Europe, such as Romania and Bulgaria, but I know very little about these cuisines. Nevertheless, I'd love to try pickles made with this fruit some day, I really do like green tomatoes and will happily gorge on the varieties available in Spain whenever I get the chance... raw, with a touch of sea salt (mmm... I'm drooling now!)

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Re: Green Tomato Tsukemono

Thanx, Loretta - At least this is a start! My husband's aunt used to make tomato-tsukemono but I never got her recipe. I don't read Japanese either, but the translation (first one) is pretty good, worth a try!

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Re: Green Tomato Tsukemono

Green Tomato Relish is a common New Zealand pickle - but it is more of a sauce than a vegetable. There is a recipe here and another here (it's a pdf).
I love the stuff, and it's great for using up tomatoes that are never going to ripen at the end of summer.



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Re: Green Tomato Tsukemono

I would say that pickles may work better, but here is a very simple tsukemono recipe

For every 1 kilo (2.2lb) of green tomatoes) use:
- 1 liter water (1 quart)
- 50-60g salt (about 2 ounces) sea salt
- a pickle weight, a bucket or pickling pot

Clean and wash the tomatoes well, discarding any bad or bruised ones.

Dissolve the salt in the water.

Put the tomatoes in a clean, sterilized bucket or pickling pot. Pour in the salt water. Put a plate or something on top, put on a weight (a stone or a big jar filled with water would do), then cover the whole with something (a plastic garbage bag would do) to keep out any critters. Put in a cool, dark place for at least a week.

(You can add MSG to the salt if you don't object to MSG.)

If you have a nukadoko, you can put sliced and deseeded green tomatoes in there. (Nukadoko making is a whole other topic, book even)

Another alternative is to buy some Tsukemono Powder or Tsukemono Mix at a Japanese grocery store. The powder you can just sprinkle on sliced deseeded tomatoes, for almost instant pickles. The mix is mixed with water to make a sort of pickling water, in which you can put your sliced deseeded tomatoes. But this is for pickles to be eaten within a few days though.


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Re: Green Tomato Tsukemono

Thanx, Maki.......eee, no MSG! Gives me a headache!! Salted water, yes, is the simplest way but from what I remember tasting the GTT years ago, there must have been more to it. However, I expect I'll have lots of green tomatoes to experiment!

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