What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live without?

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Here I am, just enjoying cooking a risotto primavera (in summer... so more a Risotto Estate, then:)). It's one of my favourite cookery activities; it's relaxing, gives you time to reflect while your stir and stir...I also enjoy the copious glasses of wine consumed in this lengthy process. I tend to go a little bit Keith Floyd when I cook dishes with alcohol in - one for the pot, one for me! - so try to avoid recipes involving booze, and always use cooking sake rather than drinking sake. :)

AAAAAAanyway, I reached for a reliable stock cube, and remembered how much I rely on and dig this product:

They're squidgy, rich and salty, flecked with vegetables and herbs. They pack a punch, too; often, especially if cooking for one, half a cube is enough, as they can be quite overpowering! I don't know how often I've reached for these little life-saving guys when in the kitchen, but they really are the bee's knees, and I hope all you fellow cooks value the importance of storecupboard helpers like this one.

SO...what are your trusted, go-to storecupboard products? Does a certain brand do it for you, so that no substitute will do? And (horror of horrors) have you ever fallen in love with a product only to have it discontinued, and miss having that helpful package in your storecupboard? Please, do tell, good people! X

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Re: What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live ...

For me I guess if I had to choose one staple, it would be a bottle of decent soy sauce.

That being said, the amount of 'staples' we are carrying around with us as we still go nomadically from house to house until we can get into our own house, is scary. Like 2 boxes and 3 large grocery bags full. I need to really streamline. But then my mom shows up with gorgeous kombu and katsuobushi and...


The Big Onigiri.

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Re: What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live ...

I love having my original Buffalo Wing sauce around. I am from Buffalo, NY and we LOVE our hot wings. The original creator of the Buffalo Wings (Anchor Bar) bottles their sauce. I HAVE to have a bottle of that in my cupboard or fridge at all times.

Same goes for my Dinosaur BBQ sauce (Its very smokey and good), and Webers Horseradish Mustard (omg so good).

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Re: What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live ...

Hmmm way to many(onions, garlic, herbes de provence, bullion cubes). Hmm really hard to decide on a single one as I'd probably be lost without atleast the first three.

Ohh well undecided I am then ;)

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Re: What are your storecupboard wonders that you can't live ...

The things I use more often are... vegetable stock cubes from Knorr, canned tuna (there is a cheap brand here called 'Isabel'), soy sauce and onions.
Also, oregano, grated black pepper and dijon mustard.

I also use dried chili peppers sometimes, specially when cooking mushrooms. These are great because they'll last forever even if you use them from time to time and they are sold in big boxes.


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