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Heeeello everyone!!

it seems that everyone is on a diet here and they are asking me (their healthy food reference, lol) for some original salad recipes. I told them some recipes I had but I came out to notice that I do not know that much recipes more than the chickpeas salad, and this one that I think has not been posted yet. If it has, just ignore it, lol (one serving):

- 1 tomato for salad
- 1 french onion
- canned tuna
- olive oil
- vinegar
- a pinch of salt.

Just cut the tomato in chuncks, cut the onion thinly and add the tuna without the liquid. Mix everything toguether and add a spoon of olive oil and a little vinegar to taste. And some salt.

My mum also prepares another salad (which is a little elaborate to make but it's marvelous). It has no name, it's just "mum's salmon salad" :D

- 1 big tomato.
- 2 lettuce heart
- smoked salmon.
- dry fruits: kashews, pistachios, etc. (add the ones you like)
For the dressing:
- 2 parts of olive oil
- 1 part of vinegar
- half a teaspoon of dijon mustard
- salt (not necesary)

Cut the tomatos in thin slices and cut the slices in halves.
Wash and cut the lettuce leaves and cut them juliana style or any other style that is ok to you.
Add both the tomato and the lettuce to the salad bowl. Mix.
Put the salmon stripes ontop of the bowl.
Mix the dressing and add it to the salad.

Grat the dried fruits in a food processor for 1 or 2 minutes. You should obtain irregular pieces.
When about to eat, add this mixture to the salad.

Any other ideas? :D
I hope all of you are having a great summer time :D


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Both of those look very nice, Jiza!

If you're looking for something that's easy to make and a bit different to the usual, then I think this is a lovely recipe:

It does depend on whether you can get hold of wakame or not though.

If it's too 'exotic' to share with family, then cutting up tomatoes and eating them with a little salt, a drizzle of sesame oil and, ideally, some crushed toasted sesame seeds makes a wonderful change when eating tomato (you can add other salad ingredients too if you like).

Another way I can vary a tomato salad is by using mint.
This salad is based on Mint sauce, a popular and cheap to buy condiment in the UK but I rarely buy it anymore as I can just chop up some fresh mint and let it infuse with sushi vinegar (sushi vinegar is ideal as it has salt and sugar dissolved into it).
Just cut up some tomatoes, slice or chop some raw onion (any kind is fine, including scallion/salad/spring onion if you prefer) and dress this with the 'mint sauce'.
I like this salad especially with Indian food. I don't eat lamb, but considering the affinity lamb is supposed to have with mint, it might make a good side salad with this particular meat. All I know is that the Tomato, onion and mint salad is really, really refreshing.
(If you don't have sushi vinegar, here's an easy recipe for mint sauce -

The salad I've been eating the most this summer is Tabouleh. For a few months I had an intense pregnancy related craving for parsley leaves. I found a cheap source for flat leaf parsley and found myself eating this a two or three times a week with homous and lightly toasted pitta bread pockets.
First I combined a very small measure of fine bulgur wheat with 3/4 of the same measure of cold water and left the water to be absorbed.
In the meantime...
I took most of the stalks away from a bunch of flat leaf parsley and chopped this up as finely as possible on a chopping board (but taking care not to 'over' chop the leaves - the idea is that the board shouldn't get stained green from over chopped parsley leaves). When I had fresh mint to hand, I added a generous helping of chopped mint leaves also.
I diced one medium tomato and chopped up a couple of scallions/spring onions (or a shallot) finely and mixed the onion and tomato with the bulgur wheat and parsley.
Once the mixture was combined I added the juice of a lemon, a little bit of sea salt and as much olive oil as I wanted.
As a salad it was fabulous. By lightly toasting a pitta bread pocket in a grill (or electric toaster), slitting it and smearing the inside with humous, I could add the tabouleh salad and make a simple meal out of it. The suprising part was how filling these tabouleh and humous pitta pockets were. Two or three of them would be enough to sate my husband's appetite (which is usually considerable).

----ramble alert!-----
I'd never liked parsley that much before and and had never considered making tabbouleh from it so the craving was a real surprise. Now tabbouleh is one of my favourite salads and my husband is also an enthusiastic convert. Amazing when checking the nutritional values for this herb how loaded it is with vitamins - particularly vitamin K (which is often given as an injection to newborn babies). It seems that oil of parsley or parsley seeds is potentially harmful to unborn children, but there seemed to me to be nothing wrong with eating the leaves.

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Re: Salads

yumm, I'll try tabouleh when back home :D
your recipe looks great :)_

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Re: Salads

It is hard for me to decide where to start when it comes to salads, there a tons of different combinations of leafy green ones (but personally I get a bit tired of those). The ones I seem to prefer more now usually seem to be based on one vegetable.

Coleslaw: cabbage (both red and green work), carrots and a tangy/sweet dressing. Not very traditional, but lately I have been adding walnuts and dried cranberries.

Marinated Carrot Salads: The American version has a mayonnaise based dressing and raisins. But I also make a Japanese one with a sesame oil and vinegar base.

Cucumber Salads: They can be paired with just about any type of vinaigrette. Or cucumber and wakame is also quiet good.

Tomato and onion salad: just chopped tomato and white onion with some basil, salt pepper and some red wine vinegar.

Cottage cheese and tomato/pear/oranges/etc.: sounds odd, but it is quite common in the US to pair cottage cheese and fruit.

Broccoli/pea salad: the traditional American versions usually have mayo/sour cream based dressings and are heavy on the bacon. But I found that I could have just a little bit of mayo or some silken tofu blended with some vinegar, salt, pepper, and some sugar (yes it is a bit southern) and leave out the bacon. Again with some walnuts and dried cranberries on the broccoli salad is quite good.

Broccoli stem and cucumber: marinated in a miso dressing.

Pasta salad: I usually go for a variety of chopped vegetables and multicolor whole grain pasta, tossed in some vinaigrette.

Sorry about the long post and lack of recipes, I have always really liked produce. And I can't seem to get enough of different salads, there is something nice about having something in the fridge marinating to go with anything you whip up (especially in the summer, to go with a variety of BBQ's goods).

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Re: Salads

Good point on the marinating!! :D
I don't really like pasta salads (i eat them from time to time, though) but I love one that is actually sold pre-made on spanish combini/restaurants called "VIPS".
It's just pasta (that sold in shapes of little laces), grated parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Some olive oil and some finely chopped parsley.

And another one that I just remembered!! In spanish it's called "ensaladilla rusa" (something like "little russian salad", i don't know where this name comes from...). It's not a raw salad, but it's great, and very typical spanish too.

This admits almost any kind of hard-boiled veggie, but the most typical combo is: potato (there should be more potatos than anything else), carrots, peas and green bean pods. You can also add cawliflower and broccoli florets.
Once everything is boiled, chop it in chunks, add a can of tuna and a boiled egg cut in chunks, mix everything and pour in enough mayo to hold everything toguether. Decorate with green olives. And that's it!
Some people add red pepper too as decoration.

For people who has been to Spain, you may recall eating it in a bar with some beer, as a tapa :)

As a funny fact, this salad during the fascist regime we had, wasn't called "ensaladilla rusa" because of its comunist reference (lol) so it was called "ensaladilla nacional" (national salad) xD

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Ensalada Rusa

When I got married I didn't have the usual wedding centrepiece. We figured that after all that food and alcohol (my husband and I did the catering) nobody would really want to eat a sweet dessert.

Our four tiered 'cake' was a huge sculpted Ensaladilla Rusa :D We have a friend who is an accomplished 'food stylist' - she made the ensaladilla look absolutely beautiful!

(Instead of cake slices guests took away packets of Turrón de Novia - caramel covered popcorn - and peladillas - sugar coated almonds)

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Re: Ensalada Rusa

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O
I want a cake like that!!!

You made all the food of your wedding party?? Now I recall reading somewherethat in your wedding you had tortilla de patata which is my husband's dream (we are getting married next may although i already call him my husband xD)

Are you a cook or something? :)

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Re: Salads

Another salad (this is a good exercise, now I'm remembering all the good salads my mum made for us in summer):

Green bean pods salad (Ensalada de judías verdes)

- boiled green bean pods (enough to be the main ingredient in your dish and to satisfy you)
- tomato
- french onion
- olive oil
- vinegar

Just boil the pods, cut them in small pieces, cut the tomato, cut the onion and mix everything toguether. The trick here is that the salad keeps 'watery', so do not let the pods completely dry. They should be moist.
For the dressing, add a little more vinegar than olive so it will be more refreshing (and a little bitter, which is good).

White beans salad
(disclaimer: i totally HATE this salad because of the raw peppers but my mum loves it anyway so here it goes)

- 1 flask of boiled white beans (or just boil your own white beans, as you prefer).
- 1 raw red pepper
- 1 raw green pepper
- olive oil
- vinegar

Cut the peppers juliana style and add them to the bowl (my mum uses half peppers but it depends on your preferences), wash and drain the beans and add them to the bowl. Mix with the peppers. Dress with olive oil and vinegar to taste.
Yuck, raw pepper >_<

Ensalada campera (potato salad). One of my favorites too:

- 2 or 3 boiled potatoes
- 1 tomato
- 1 or 2 french onions
- 1 canned tuna
- 1 boiled egg
- 1 raw green pepper (optional)
- olive oil
- vinegar

Cut the potatoes en thick slices, add to the bowl. Cut the tomato in chunks, add to the bowl. Cut the pepper in juliana, add to the bowl. Peel the egg and cut it in slices. Add to the bowl. Cut the onion thinly and add to the bowl. Add the drained tuna. Mix everything. Dress with olive oil and vinegar as desired.

I never add salt to my salads, that's why I never add salt as an ingredient, but of course you can add salt to every salad with no fear :D

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