Uh, just thought I'd pop in and say hi! I've been lurking about the sight for about a month now and finally got around to signing up!

So, uh, Hi? :)



I've always had healthy rice based packed lunches since I was little, and when I got into high school and started watching Anime (which is decently popular in the Philippines, where I grew up), I became interested in Japanese culture and cooking, and of course, the bento.

I'm trying to put together a retinue of dishes I can put into a bento for my Fiance's lunches, and I found this site while searching. I've been reading a lot of the stuff on here, which all is very impressive (my lunches, while healthy enough, are never that visually pleasing).


Male Bento Boxing

(From the forum - what do you think about men making bentos, and 'manly' bentos?)

Hi All - I am Paul a male at the age of 33 from the Netherlands.

I am working in a relatively fast-paced job. Altough I am half Indonesian (mother 100% Indonesian / Father 100% Dutch) years back I totally fell in love with the Japanese kitchen, culture and country.

I love cooking Japanese myself and after stumbling across the Bento Box I decided to extend this to my lunch as well. I am traveling a lot (national and international) and decided that the Bento Box fits in perfectly to enjoy my lunch regardless of the geographical location.

Well deciding to go for the Bento Box was the easy part, getting a proper Bento Box (not for it's size but for its looks) proofed to be a journey in itself. But it was most defenitely worthwile because along the way I came across some interesting websites of which this one stands out.

Is it just me or aren't there much men out there who included the Bento Box in their daily routine? As I included it in my routine I get nothing but interested and positive feedback from co-workers and even clients I visit as I work from their location. Including the Bento Box in my routine also introduced this wonderfull timeslot in my otherwise hectic schedule wherein I totally relax, enjoy healthy food with pure flavours and recharge to take on the second half of my day. continue reading...


This is a belated introduction, since I posted a discussion topic earlier. continue reading...

konnichi wa! (from Colorado)

Hajimemashite. Kyandasu desu. Hi everyone, my name is Candace (or Kyandasu in Katakana). I'm a college student who just joined the site after browsing about it for a while. My roommate and I are getting our first apartment, and to save money I'm going to be bringing my lunch to campus everyday. That's mainly why I went online to look for bento recipes, because I'd like my lunches to be bento. continue reading...

Greetings from Holland

Hi everybody,

After having visited this site (and just hungry) on a daily basis for a few months now (I love both sites btw, have already tried out many great recipes), I thought I'd better join the club. So here I am :)

I'm a 39 years old mother of two (boy 9, girl 8), married, living in the northern region of Holland. continue reading...

hi and thanks!

Just a quick note to say 'hello' and thanks for putting this page together, esp. the parts about shopping for Japanese ingredients around the world. Recently relocated to Switzerland from US and am desperately missing the Japanese markets there. Am getting quite handy at improvising :) The information here is much appreciated....thanks again!

Hi from Toronto

We were in Japan (Kagoshima, Kobe, Tokyo, Hakodate, Aomori) recently and fell in love with many things, esp. the food. Basically we ate local everywhere, searching out popular spots outside of tourist areas. In Hakodate we saw bento lunches for sale at the train station and it was so appealing that I started looking in Bento upon our return home. Voila, JustBento and JustHungry popped up and off we go on a new experience. continue reading...