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We were in Japan (Kagoshima, Kobe, Tokyo, Hakodate, Aomori) recently and fell in love with many things, esp. the food. Basically we ate local everywhere, searching out popular spots outside of tourist areas. In Hakodate we saw bento lunches for sale at the train station and it was so appealing that I started looking in Bento upon our return home. Voila, JustBento and JustHungry popped up and off we go on a new experience.

My approach to this is like many other things that I try, first learn the basics, practice and then assemble. So far Salmon Teriyaki, Furikake-Sardine (#10), Tamago-yaki and Miso Soup are going well, all from the basic ingredients. Today we went to Pacific Mall and picked up a stainless Bento box for $3.99 at Galtak Houseware in the Market Village next door. They also have Lock&Lock containers. The food ingredients came from Sanko and T&T.
Next is a bit of practise making maki-sushi, then my first Bento lunch.
Our favourite stores here are T&T (Cherry Street),Market Village/Goldfield Food Mart, Tap Phong (Spadina Ave) and Sanko on Queen St. We are rather blessed living in Toronto, it doesn't matter what cuisine you choose to try, there is lots of ingredients available.

I am already proficient with Indonesian cooking, and we are now really looking forward to Japanese . My wife is very proficient with western style cooking and also baking. Together we just love to create meals that satisfy our curiosity about food.
Thank you for creating this wonderful site, it means I don't need to learn Japanese just yet :-)

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Re: Hi from Toronto

I hope you'll be sharing your learning, practicing, and assembling with us!

Welcome to Just Bento.



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Re: Hi from Toronto

Of course, I always like to give back to sites that I enjoy.
The other night we had some friends over, they kept our condo-sitter occupied while we were on our 65+ day cruise. This is the cruise where we fell further in love with Asian cuisine, and me in particular with Japanese. We spent a week on the north island of NZ, this was just the beginning of our culinary delights! Our travel blog is idle for a while so I might start one for food, as well as post here of course.

The menu was Miso soup with tofu (from homemade dashi), salmon teriyaki, broccoli and orzo. Tonight I made maki-sushi from the leftover orzo, worked surprisingly well. I have however been told/asked to make it with rice on Sunday:-) I also used up the remaining salmon, pan fried with a bit of pepper, finished off with sesame oil and soya sauce for flavour and colour. The salmon flavour really came through.
My return to part time job is delayed while my finger heals, beware of sharp Japenese and Chinese knives, don't let your mind wander while chopping. (Shanghai is a great place to buy cooking knives, Aomori had a great shop as well) But in meantime I will make some bento's for lunch and post some photos soon.

Off to research Sunday dinner now.


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