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I've always had healthy rice based packed lunches since I was little, and when I got into high school and started watching Anime (which is decently popular in the Philippines, where I grew up), I became interested in Japanese culture and cooking, and of course, the bento.

I'm trying to put together a retinue of dishes I can put into a bento for my Fiance's lunches, and I found this site while searching. I've been reading a lot of the stuff on here, which all is very impressive (my lunches, while healthy enough, are never that visually pleasing).


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Re: Salutations!

Hi there, and welcome to Just Bento. My lunches are not terribly visually pleasing most of the time either. But they taste good and are generally pretty healthy and that's what really counts. I think I have a gene missing when it comes to being artistic!



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Re: Salutations!

That's what I always believed. I mean, you can't see the food once it's in your stomach, and as long as it's tasty and nourishing, then it's better than something that's pretty but empty in terms of nutrients. But since i used to do food garnishes as a hobby, I do like making food that looks really nice.

Most Filipino cooking isn't that pretty anyways, but it sure is nummy. :3

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