Another Swiss Bento Fan

I'm from Switzerland and just discovered Bento. I think it's a healthy way to eat when you can not be at home. I'm very creative so it's really fun to see all the cute Bento boxes and get inspired by them. Hope to post some pics soon, as I don't have a Bento box yet (but will order one soon).

Hello from Louisiana

Hello All! I'm a big Just Bento fan, have made several of Maki's recipes, and always look forward to a new post from her. I'm just finally getting over here to register for the forum, though I've been reading for awhile unregistered. :)

Hello from Switzerland

Hi everybody,

I'm Ginette, from the french speaking part of Switzerland (Geneva area). continue reading...

Hello from Alaska!

Hi everyone!

I may not be in Alaska right now (I'm currently in Minneapolis, MN for schooling) but I intend to go back home to wonderful Alaska come May.

I started looking into bento during a product design project, I'm an illustration major and I was making a custom bento box for my little sister, who speaks fluent japanese due to years of classes. I thought it would be a nice birthday gift for her, but I had no idea that Bento making would be so fun. continue reading...

Hello from Virginia?!

Hi. I've always loved the Japanese culture.

Thus why I'm doing this. :]

I'll probably need advice but I'll try not to be a bother. Thank you<3

Hello from Vancouver newbie


A newbie looking for bento inspirations! Hunger sets in after long walk in the fresh air. A bento lunch would be so envied by my fellow travellers. There are things that would not do well at this time of the year though. The outside temperature is close to freezing, suggestions are welcome!!!



The Bento and the Pendulum or rather HI from Punxsy PA!

Hello all,
My Name is Tia I am from Punxsy PA. My subject line is poking fun at my self because I have swung back and forth in my decision to start doing bento Lunches. I looked at bentos a year or so ago when I stumbled across Cooking Cute, then I got busy & forgot about it.
Summer of 08 rolled around and I was Diagnosed with PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom, High Blood Pressure, High Cholestorol,Pre Diabetic & food allergies :( Except for the PCOS & Allergies most of the problems can be remedied with exercise & weight loss...and for the last 4 months of 08 I ignored that advice ;) continue reading...

Hello From Georgia

Hey new here. I have a Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel lined Lunch Jar. I am trying to eat healthier and maybe drop a couple of pounds.

I will take the 5 week bento challenge..