Salutations from Toronto!

Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker of Just Bento and finally decided to join the forum community. I guess I've always been a bit of a bento-er all my life but I never knew it. My mom would sometimes pack me lunch in a cute little bento box when I was in elementary school, but the ridicule was so much that I switched back to sandwiches for the rest of elementary and high school. In university, I had a meal plan so I never needed to pack lunches. continue reading...

hello from NYC

Hello everyone. I run Japanese cooking class in Manhattan. I hold bento box workshop on a regular basis. Please check my bento creation and other Japanese food at my blog:

Hope you enjoy!

Hello from London!

Hi everyone,

Long-time reader and bento maker, first time forum resident! I live in London, UK (in West Kensington... hence the name) and have been making packed lunches in various forms for years... from the margarine sandwiches (mmm, delicious!) which accompanied my penniless gap year days to the bento boxes I pack for work now. continue reading...


I am new to Bento, I found it while surfing the internet for healthy lunches for my 8 year old son. He came home upset because some kids had called him "fat". Now he is chunky, but he is honestly big boned! But he didn't get "chunky" until he started school. What changed? I went to work full-time and he started eating breakfast, lunch and snack at school! A quick review of the public school menu showed me that he was eating mostly high fat, carb rich meals. So this year I decided to start packing his lunch. continue reading...

greetings from central cal.

Hello to everyone,
I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. Im a retail manager here in central california who is known to carry the cute lunch box. Making bentos has become both my creative outlet and a big money saver for me. I stumbled across justbento a while back and have recommened it to anyone who ask me about tasty healthy foods to add to their lunch.

I'm looking forward to getting to know ya'll.


Student saying Hello

Hello everybody

I am a student from Switzerland who is just crazy about Japan and everything related to it. So obviously bento is a must ^_^ and they serve me well every day at university because not only do I save a lot of bucks by preparing my own food, I get to eat my favourite food every day. Moreover because I am lactose intolerant it usually is quite difficult to find something suitable to eat for me at the canteen because most of the dishes usually are made with the help of a diary product like cream sauce or something else. continue reading...

Hi from New Jersey

Hi! I found this site through the Ravelry group. I've flipped through Flickr sets for years, but was so thrilled to find this site, esp. the meal planner sheets and fancy cutting instructions. Apple boat, ho! continue reading...

Hello hello!

Hi! I've just joined, although I've been following the site for several months now! I'm a college student from California, but not near enough to San Francisco or LA to get to the good asian food stores. :( Our big store closed only a few months ago. continue reading...