Hello from UK

I thought I would pop in and introduce myself.

I am from the UK and have just come across this site and I think it is amazing. It is full of really useful information.

I am hoping to start using Bento to make lunches to take to work and to help me lose weight. I am doing weight watchers and I have a few stone to lose so I am hoping this will also help towards that goal. continue reading...

Greetings from... Florida!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a lurker for quite some time - though lately more so. I've been really trying to eat right (Lost 7 lbs so far, or around 3.1kg). I love the idea of bentos, but haven't really ventured into buying a real bento yet - mostly because I'd have to mail order it. Though, the way my lunch looks it could probably be called a bento!

A little bit about me: continue reading...

Greetings from Poland

Hi everyone!

It's my first post here and it'll be short since I should be revising for tomorrow vocab test :P

Hmm... I live in Poland and here I study English language. We have lectures twice a week and on Wednesday he had quite a break for some lunch or - how we call it here - second breakfast. I used to eat french fries with my friend + some juice. But the prices in our canteen are higher and higher and it was not so healthy so I decided to start making obentos - I'm anime lovers, that's how I learned about them. continue reading...

Bento Love <3 from MN

Hello everybody!

I am Tala Rayne (not my real name) from MN, USA. I have loved to make obento for a long time, but usually do not actually do it >.< I hope to start again, because it is cute and also to help me with portion control!! I like to eat A LOT!

I went back to Taiwan over winter break and bought some small animal sauce container (like on and some furikake shakers and I want to use them now! <3

Other things I like are: continue reading...

Hi from Missouri

Hey, I'm Adelyn. I'm 18, home-schooled in my last year of school (thank God), and is taken by a very amazing British man these past two years.

I knit, crochet, write, and play video games (mostly RPGs). I'm a first degree black belt in tae kwon do and an assistant teacher helping the tiny tigers (3-6 year old group) on Wednesdays.

I've started up on bento-ing again since my younger brother has a class on Wednesday nights, I just don't document them. lol

Konnichiwa from Melbourne

Hi all~
I have joined this forum for about 2 weeks and have been lurking JustHungry and JustBento for more than a year. I frequent Maki-san's sites for recipes and tips, they're wonderful and revolve around my daily situations quite a bit :]

I am 20, female, over-aged international student who is doing advanced diploma in design, and looking forward to do interior and/or communications design next year in uni. I have not created any online portfolios to showcase my works, but I will.. soon? Maybe via something like myspace or something.. continue reading...

Hello from DFW

Hey all! (or should I say y'all, to sound more authentic? XD )

I'm Neveth, I live in the sea of 'burbs surrounding Dallas, TX.

I love Japanese stuff in general and bento is such a nice way of spicing up what I eat. I get into mealtime ruts so bento at least lets me change things up day to day even if I do end up eating the same stuff every week.

hello from Maryland!

I'm a long time fan of the site that just bought her third bento box today and figured that I may as well admit my bento-bsession and stop lurking! I actually came to bento from the book "Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat" by Naomi Moriyama. I learned how to make Onigiri and became quickly addicted then stumbled upon Just Bento in my search for more Onigiri knowledge. It is the best bento site that I have found by far and I've yet to use a recipe I didn't like.

Thanks and hello!