Hey hey hey from Puerto Rico!

Hello all!

My name is Richard. I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm a brand new bentoer. :D I half-finished my first bento a couple hours ago.

I've been reading all about bento in this website. I love the delicious recipes! ^___^

Here is my first attempt at bentos. Please comment. =D

I still have to find out what foods I would like to eat weekly. I guess that's what the weekly bento planner is for. :P continue reading...

Bento in 'Bama!

Hi, everybody! C'helle, here, from Alabama. I recently found Just Bento thoroughly intrigued! I have loved Japanese food for a long time (I credit my daughter's health to the wakame, nori, and miso paste I used liberally during my pregnancy with her).
I've been fascinated by Bento for a long time, but until my son started school this year, I was too intimidated to try anything. So glad I found Just Bento... I've learned a ton in the week since I first stumbled upon it. This is just a superb blog!

Hi there, from NJ!

I suppose I am to introduce myself.

I am a tiny female Japanophile going into my last year of High School. I recently bought my first few bento boxes and plan to make myself yummy boxed lunches.

I have so many dietary restrictions it is horrible. Picky eater, plush Kosher, plus oral allergy syndrome (can't eat most raw fruits/veggies). I hope I can work around everything to make yummy and pretty bentos. continue reading...

Hello from Oregon

Hello everyone,

My name is John and I just joined the site today. I am a professional writer and photographer specializing in natural history subjects. I also have a deep and life-long interest in Japanese language, literature, and culture. I have traveled to Japan many times and can't wait for my next trip there (although when that will be I don't know). continue reading...

Hello and help!

Hi! Everyone. Right off the bat I’m going to say that I don’t have my website(Waaaaay too lazy!). I’m a semi-active teenager who is just a few pounds overweight sigh… so I decided why not loose a few pounds by doing what I love! a) Eat Japanese food. b) Cooking!!!!!!!
I do have a slight problem with bento-ing though; I’m kind of busy, and like sugar-spazz said I like most teenagers don’t have any control over food shopping. So if somebody could help me come up with a plan for just throwing stuff together? Thanks so much!! P.S-I have a rive cooker/steamer. (Which I looooove:P)

Bento'n in Vegas

I've been an avid reader and fan of Just Bento for several months now, and thought I'd finally say hi! I just made my first bento lunch to take to the courthouse tomorrow for jury duty selection (I figured it was the perfect excuse!).

Description with pic.

Helloooo from Canada!

Hi everyone! I'm completely new to the world of bento - I'm doing it out of desperation as my 5 and 3 yr olds are SO PICKY!!! The 5 yr old (both girls) will be starting grade 1 in September, her first full day schooling (kindy is only 1/2 day here). She will be left to her own devices for lunch, so this is more of added insurance that she'll eat properly.

As I say in my (new, only 2 posts) blog, they come by the bento world honestly - they're hapa, or half Japanese (although some would argue that I'm more Japanese than their Canadian-born Japanese dad). continue reading...

Miami's Nice

I am new to bento and already obessed. I tend to jump into hobbies in a big way. I have been consistently monitoring all of the favorite bento sites and have decided to join the journal community as a start. I do not think I have enough time or energy to blog but we'll see. I have been on a quest in Miami for bento supplies. Wouldn't you know I ordered one shipment from IchibanKan before the online store closed. How sad. I was on vacation without computer when they announced their closing and lost the opportunity to hoo. I have made up for it quickly with 7 bento boxes to start. continue reading...