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Portable bento for lunch AND dinner?

I have 9 hours of college classes in one day this term, and the food on campus is AWFUL, so I want to get myself in gear and start doing a proper bento type thing so I'm not starving and end up hitting up vending machines for food. The catch is that I need something easily portable that will actually hold either two reasonably sized meals, or a decent meal and a couple of hearty snacks. (I can always get something to eat when I get home late, if I haven't had enough, but I need to at least be not actually distractingly hungry, you know?)
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Bento Equipment Shopping in Hong Kong

Hello Everyone I thought i would share the address of places I was able to get bento equipment from while we were in Hong Kong I LOVE CAKE - If you like to bake, decorate or bento, ANYTHING Asian or western. Go here. They have baking ingredients, cake holders, piping equipment, gift wrapping. compound chocolate, food colourings, silicon moulds, baking tins, stainless steel cutters... and a good selection of Bento Cutters. But no bento boxes!
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Rice Cooker on offer in Lidl UK!

Just been to Lidl and came across a rice-cooker they are selling there for £14.99 :) it also has a second lid so you can steam fish/meat or vegetables at the same time! It has a 1.8l capacity, which is quite large for me tbh... but I will use it to make large batches of onigiri to then put in the freezer :) I have never had any problems with any electrical goods from Lidl, so if anyone is looking for a quality rice cooker at a low price, this might be a good solution :) x

Just ordered my first Bento box :D

As the title suggests I have just ordered my first Bento box! I went for this one In pink :) opinions? Hope I havent made a bad and bought a bad one :/ The size is about right for me based on what I have read and I have also ordered some little soy-sauce bottles! Am going to try and make my first onigiri right now with the stuff I bought in our local Chinese Supermarket, so wish me luck! Never done anything like this before but am really excited! :) Will try and post the results later! ;)

Daiso Lovely - Problems?

Hey everyone! I bought my first bento box in July, a blue Daiso Lovely but within a couple of days that one broke. The seal on the top layer had kind of peeled back. Japan Centre then sent me a new one, free of charge :D and this has been fine, until today when the same thing happened! This time however I had a cabbage ball in there and a little gratin cup (hmm wonder where those recipes came from xD) so the juices leaked all over my bag :( Anyone else had problems like that with these type of boxes? Or am I just unlucky and got two from a defective batch?
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Bento Beginner- Box Confusion!

Hello! I'm new to the board and also very new to Bentos. It looks like a great idea and a lot of fun! I'm always on the hunt for fun, different, healthy lunches so this just seems perfect. Anyway, I've been searching the internet for the past few days just looking at supplies, trying to figure out what I should get for starters. But when it comes to boxes, I'm overwhelmed! There are so many sizes, styles, brands, I just don't know where to start or what I would need.