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Help! My lock and lock has come adrift

Can anyone of you lovely bunch help me find a replacement lid for my lock and lock bottle. It's the one from this set: The little seal inside the bottle screw cap has gone missing and now my bottle leaks *sniff* As I bought this set from Australia, I can't get one the same in the UK and nothing else fits in the bag with my boxes. I can't pack it any other way round either as the bag is designed to stack the boxes one on top of the other with the bottle being on its side on top.

Bento equipment in your cupboard - the spice container.

Out of despiration and the fact that some conidments (mayo, syrup, furikake) don't fit in the cute but tiny sauce fish bottles, I rummaged through my spice cupboard hoping to find something of help today. Lo! I found the lowly tiney tones sesame seed container! Peeled off the out side wrapper (just happened to peel off nicely). Wah - lah! Bigger condiment containers are now mine and locally availabe! And they can be used to pour, sprinkle or dip into! Tones, I love y'all!
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What the difference is in decorative punches..

I am new to bento making and I was wondering about the punches used to make designs in seaweed sheets. I know you can order the punches from JBox but what has me curious is what is the difference between the decorative punches that JBox sells for Bento versus the decorative punches you can find in craft stores for scrapbooking?From the picture they look identicle. If you get a new decorative scrapbook punch and wash it thoroghly can it be used in the same manner with no negative side effects?
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Lock and Lock lunch sets in UK

I have just found (and purchased!) a lock and lock lunch/bento set in the UK :D Found it on the QVC website so if any UK bentoists are interested they might like a look (link direct to the item won't work, just do a search for lock and lock) I need another set like a hole in the head and I will probably end up divorced :oops:

Advice on buying a rice cooker

Next Thursday, Lidl in Italy will offer a rice cooker for 19,98 € and I'm considering buying it. There's not much information online, so I'll have to decide whether to buy it or not when I'm in the shop. I'm mostly interested in buying it if it has a timer, so that I can set it up in advance, however for that price I do not expect it to have many fancy functions. What should I look for in a rice cooker before buying it?

What's the right box?

This may sound very stupid but I find that 600ml boxes can hold more food than I can actually eat! My mum has always cooked in "diet" way as my dad and my grandmother can't eat salt, and she is particularly picky about me getting fat (I am not at all, though) so due to that I'm used to eat very small portions. I've been searching for bento boxes that are around a 500 ml capacity but I don't find them... And I'm afraid that little "side dish" boxes (those around 250-300 ml) may be too small.
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