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All the things I need for starting with Bento

Hey everyone, So as you might know I am totally new when it comes to Bento and now I would like to go shopping on ebay for my first real cute Bento Box. Most of you are able to make so great Bentos, I am jealous ;) Now I need some advices what you would buy as a Newbie. I mean which Equipment is really useful for the beginning? I would love to hear some advices and can`t wait to look around at ebay :) Yours Franzi

700 ml box?

(originally posted on the Flickr Group Just Bento: Bento Gear) Hi-- after many, many months of staring at bento sites (especially this one!) and bento stores, I think I'm *finally* going to take the plunge and actually prepare real bentos for lunch, as opposed to sticking a bunch of leftovers in a container.

microwave rice cooker?

hi everyone, i'm new here and i'm just getting started in making bento boxes for myself. i'm looking for a faster way to make the rice for my lunches so i looked into the microwaveable rice cooker that i found online. does anyone have ones of these? do theses work good? this is the one i'm interested in (:
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Is my bento box microwave-safe?

I've run through the "What's your box topic" and I don't think this has been mentioned before. My bento box had just arrived yesterday and I'd like to know if it's microwavable. It's bottom says that it's made of some synthetic plactic (which I don't know how to spell) and is able to withstand temperatures from -20 to 120'C. Would I be able to put it in the microwave (lids removed)? And also, for how many minutes?
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New Flickr group: Bento Gear

Seeing how popular the What's Your Box thread is, and since I'm as curious about what other people use as bento boxes as anyone, I started a sister Flickr group for our existing Just Bento group: Just Bento: Bento Gear. This is a pool for posting pics of bento boxes, accessories and other gear, not bento contents. There's nothing there yet but I hope you'll all join and post your bento gear porn! ^_^
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replacing barans in bentos..

I hope I've put this under the right topic.. I'd like to know which vegetables are most suitable for bento food dividers (or baran's), cups or simply for decoration. I've seen many people use lettuces but I don't know which types. I fail miserably at indentifying fishes - if you were to ask me my answer would be "salmon" and white fish, so do I in lettuces. Can someone tell me the names of the vegetables that I could use?
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Window shopping

I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoy killing some time by lusting over bento boxes that I would love to have, but are not available for international shipping, or I cannot justify the cost to get them. Especially when shipping + custom fees greatly exceeds the value of the box itself, and I have plenty of boxes that are functional and work well for me, even if not as cute.
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