Portable bento for lunch AND dinner?

I have 9 hours of college classes in one day this term, and the food on campus is AWFUL, so I want to get myself in gear and start doing a proper bento type thing so I'm not starving and end up hitting up vending machines for food. The catch is that I need something easily portable that will actually hold either two reasonably sized meals, or a decent meal and a couple of hearty snacks. (I can always get something to eat when I get home late, if I haven't had enough, but I need to at least be not actually distractingly hungry, you know?) I was looking at the Happy Tiffin website and considering a medium or large two-tier, plus one of their lunch bowls just to see what they're like[1]. I had originally been looking at the Laptop Lunch, but several folks told me they thought that might be a bit too small for my needs. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I'm also curious what the Happy Tiffin bags are like, since I would like an insulated carrier for it, but the ones they have are pretty expensive. [1] - My mom is on chemo right now and may be having a bone marrow transplant soon, and has been told that during that process, while her immune system is recovering, she shouldn't use plastic containers that are reusable because they can get micro-scratches in them that can harbor bacteria. So the thought is perhaps we'll get a few more for her to use if they seem well-designed.
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