Daiso Lovely - Problems?

Hey everyone! I bought my first bento box in July, a blue Daiso Lovely but within a couple of days that one broke. The seal on the top layer had kind of peeled back. Japan Centre then sent me a new one, free of charge :D and this has been fine, until today when the same thing happened! This time however I had a cabbage ball in there and a little gratin cup (hmm wonder where those recipes came from xD) so the juices leaked all over my bag :( Anyone else had problems like that with these type of boxes? Or am I just unlucky and got two from a defective batch? I have emailed Japan Centre again to let them know. Don't know what will happen as I think its outside of those 28 days... Do they have more bento boxes in their store? I am visiting London town on Friday and Saturday (busy bee!) so if they stock any higher end stuff, that maybe more sturdy, I may get another.
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