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Are some of these bentos worth the price? Some seem so expensive!

Hello there everyone. As I am kind of shopping around (more like drooling & wanting more bento stuff) before I start college, I've been looking at multiple different sites for mainly bento box sets (primarily Jlist & Ebay, but I personally look more on Ebay).
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Finding the goods

I know we can use any box for bento, and that's what I've been doing the few I have done, but with school starting I know my sont will toss it in a backpack and everything will shift so I'm looking for stackables. All I am finding is either in the 20 dollar range and/or necessitates me paying even more for imported shipping. I like the idea of the narrow ones, but I'm searching hopelessly for stores that even sell bento supplies around here.

Silicone cups for chawanmushi

I have recently discovered that I have to stop any sort of frying or deep frying in my house until I can find a way to get rid of the nasty smoke that ensues. Hence I am turning to other cooking methods, and one of them is steaming. I have already attempted and succeeded in making mushipan using silicone cups as Bronwyn described in this thread. It's a great hit with my daughter!
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Metallic Bento Colours box

My friend Yoshio keeps buying me bento stuff, so I keep making him salami, so he keeps buying bento stuff, so I keep making salami - and so it goes on. The latest to arrive was this Silver Bento colours box, and I just had to show you all how much it looks like an external hard drive sitting by my computer! All it needs is a Western Digital logo and a wee flashing blue light. My friend Craig came into the office just as I was typing that and said "Oh that's interesting, but it's not plugged in!" And was very surprised to find it was a lunch box.

punch friendly nori brands

Hi everyone! This post is more for the bento markers with niko niko punches... I'm having a terrible time with my punches and I'm finding the nori paper won't punch cleanly or it breaks as the piece come out :( I've found folding the nori 3-4 times helps bit however, it's still a case of hit and miss... So maybe its the nori paper... Which brings me to the next q... Which nori brand do you believe works best with nori punches