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Suggestions please.....

It is my birthday. I’d like to treat myself to a nice bento set. Something grown up, with a nice matching bag and chopsticks. It doesn’t have to be a thermal set. Any suggestions guys? Oh and where ever I make my purchase, the supplier has to be able to ship to the UK! Maximum budget I have set aside for this is £40 ($60 or E45) and I’d really like that to be shipping included! Suggestions welcome please!

George Foreman Grill?

Hi! I was given a GF grill for Christmas, and so far, it has been great for burgers, but I've tried little else in it (I did grill unadorned firm tofu in it this morning). I like that I don't have to use oil for most things. Does anyone else use one of these for their bentos? Any thoughts or recipes?

Pancake Puff pan!

The Pancake Puff pan full set with accessories (Chef's Upgrade) is on clearance at CVS right now for $4.99! Some stores may even have it for $2.49. My 3 closest stores have sold out, but it's not clearly marked as being on clearance, so if you want one you should try to stop in to CVS ASAP. :) I think it looks like the sort of pan that could be very useful for making bento-sized foods so I picked up a couple. I'll try it out on pancakes first, of course, but I'm also trying to think of other (preferably vegetarian) uses for it. Any suggestions?

Rice cookers at H-Mart

I was in H-Mart (the U.S. Korean supermarket chain) the last night, and saw that they have rice cookers on sale, including Zojirushi ones, at pretty good prices. I am not sure if the instructions are in Korean only (I tried to ask a store person, but was...unsuccessful in communication) but at that price I'd get it and download a manual from the Zojirushi site. If you have an H-Mart near you, look around! Here's their website for locations.
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