The Just Bento Cookbook

In this section, you’ll find all the news, updates and so on about the Just Bento Cookbook, published by Kodansha USA. It’s available now worldwide.

Wholesale Inquiries: Please contact the publisher, Kodansha USA Inc..



(updated January 20, 2011)

Amazon links (note that these are all affiliate links, except for Canada, which brings me a small commission besides what I got for writing the book ^_^;)

Other sellers:

Please ask at your local bookstore if they have the book in stock! Find your local independent book seller.

Signed copies

During my recent book tour, I left a stack of signed copies at Kinokuniya in New York (off Bryant Park), Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park outside Seattle, and Kinokuniya Seattle (next to Uwajimaya). See if they have any left! ^_^

Reviews and press

The book has been reviewed positively by several sources. I’ve collected the links to reviews and related interviews that are online on this page

I’m also proud and honored by all the reader reviews it has received so far on various sites, most notably on It was also selected by the Amazon Editors as one of the top 10 Cooking, Food and Wine books of the first half of 2011.

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