Help me decide?

So, my first anniversary with my live-in boyfriend is coming up next month, and I've decided to get him a bento box. My own bento box had sort of a hand in getting us together. We met in Japanese class, and went to lunch one day after class with a mutual friend. They ordered food, but I had just received my first bento box, so I (obviously) had brought my lunch. I was very excited to brag about my bento box, and Justin (my now boyfriend) thought it was pretty cool (if small). The next day, I brought my lunch again, but accidentally left it in Japanese class. Justin had stayed a little later to talk to the professor. When the professor noticed the box, Justin recognized it as mine. Meanwhile, I realized it was missing and had headed back to retrieve it. Justin met me on the way in and went with me to pick it up. Then, we walked together for a little while afterward, and I asked for his phone number. I'll sum up by saying the rest is history. So, I figured a bento box would be a nice useful and somewhat sentimental gift for our anniversary. I've been looking online for boxes he might like. The following ones are the ones I've narrowed it down to, but I can't decide. Can you help me decide between the boxes below? If you have any experience with these boxes and how well they work, it would be really helpful! Or, if you have any suggestions for me that he might like, I'd love to hear them! I was looking for a box 800 ml or more, and preferably blue, but if not blue than a nice understated color (like black or white or brown). I also was hoping for a microwave and dishwasher safe box, because we're college students who live in cold Colorado with little time to do dishes by hand. Anyway, here are the ones I was considering: I like the first one for the color; I know he'd love the look of it. The second one is really convenient for carrying in a backpack, because it sits vertically. The third one is a nice blue, plus I like the securing snaps. I also like that it comes with the thermal carrying bag. Anyway, thanks for your help, and sorry for the silly (not that romantic really) get-together story.