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Can you wash your bento box at work?

I'm having lunch at work now, I had it on my husband's office before, and he was the one in charge to wash the boxes after lunch and bring them back home (i have to carry my laptop to work so it's very uncomfortable for me to carry my purse, my laptop case AND the bag with my bento). Now, I can leave my laptop in my office, so i carry my bag with my bento ^^
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My sources for bento equipment (UK)

Hello everyone, I've seen several posts asking for bento sources in the UK, so I thought that rather than replying with my tips individually, I'd do a quick round-up: (1) The Japan Centre (goes without saying, really) - this is moving to Regent's Street next month. I find tJC a bit odd with some items only available online, some items only available instore, etc. But it's a great source for boxes, chopsticks w/case, forks and spoon sets, dividers, egg moulds, onigiri moulds, sauce bottles etc.
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help with capacity

hello everyone- i'm trying to buy my first "pretty" bento box, and i'd like to do it right so i don't eventually end up with a giant pile of rejects. :) unfortunately, the internets and my location are conspiring against me - there aren't any stores here that sell bento boxes, and all the sellers on amazon have sizes listed in cubic inches. most of the ones i like are 2-tiered by kotobuki or hakoya, and they all seem to be around 5"x4"x3". sooo...if any of you out there have a box that even kinda matches that description, could you pretty please tell me how many mL it holds? thanks!
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Great Sources for Japanese Fabrics, not too expensive

I sew quite a bit and here are a two web sites with wonderful Japanese fabrics: The International Fabric Collection has a good reputation as a source for beautiful traditional patterns. They have quite a good selection of Chirimen cotton and rayon, Yukata, Itaya and a whole lot more:|0|&&nest_target=313 Report Depot has a more modern selection of Japanese fabrics, all are funny, campy and just beautifully printed:

Where to Buy in Massachusetts?

Hello all! I just joined and I just have a quick question: Does anyone know where a good place to buy bento boxes in Massachusetts or even online? I have an old bento box that I got when I was about 8 and am looking for a new one to start off the school year with. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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