extra small bento box?

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i'm very small and am trying to keep my bentos around 200 calories.
does anyone have any suggestions for bento boxes that are around 200-250 ml, without looking extremely childish?
oh and any good recipes would help.

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Re: extra small bento box?

I'm a huge fan of onigiri cases.. this one from Natural Lunch is one of my favorites. http://www.jbox.com/product/KKU206 it's small (just onigiri, but with an extra small space for veggies or w/e) and super easy to wrap up and hide in a purse. There are other places to find them too, this was just the link I had handy.


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Re: extra small bento box?

I don't have any thoughts off the top of my head, but I'm curious too. Specifically ones that aren't plastic (which rules out quite a lot of options) - my mom is having health problems right now and isn't allowed to use reusable plastic containers (something about possibly harboring germs in scratches, which are no big deal for healthy people but a huge issue if you have very little immune system) but she's having a horrible time getting enough to eat because stuff just isn't appealing.

So if I can find a nice small non-plastic bento I could make her up a meal or snack bento-style and maybe the visual appeal will help her eat more. (Bonus points if anyone knows of one that's kind of cute, too, so the whole thing is appealing.)

(Small because she says that being served too much food actually makes it harder to eat, because it seems intimidating. If it works out, I can always make her more than one so she can do multiple smaller meals - she has access to a refrigerator at work so keeping stuff in a safe temperature range isn't a problem.)

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Re: extra small bento box?

If your mom can't use plastic there are really only two choices - metal (stainless steel) or glass/ceramic. Most such boxes may have some small plastic or silicone elements, such as the gasket or the lid, if that's ok. There are no dedicated glass/ceramic bento boxes but you can find refrigerator containers made of glass for instance that come in all sizes. Or think outside the box and look for cute glass or ceramic containers. One idea is to put small, sturdy ceramic or glass containers inside a larger plastic box with a sealable lid. I actually did this in one of the bentos in the book (I baked a small casserole in a small ceramic cocotte, then just plopped it in a larger plastic container). This way the food is not in direct contact with the plastic, but the whole thing is still portable (if a bit heavy).

If you want stainless steel with no plastic or silicone elements at all, try the Lunchbots series - the Pico is quite small for instance.


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Re: extra small bento box?

I've realized as I started looking around that I need to clarify with her doctors if ALL plastic/silicone is to be avoided, or if something like a stainless steel or glass container with a plastic/silicone lid would be okay, since it'd be less likely to be scratched and not really in contact with the food all the time. (I imagine the scratches come mainly from eating out of the container and a steel utensil scratching the surface, but I'm not sure.)

I like the idea of using small containers inside a larger one, also - I assume you packed the ceramic dish in with other items around the outside so it wasn't sliding around in the plastic container when it was carried? Or did it just fit fairly closely? (I have the book on my to-buy list, I'm just waiting for my textbooks for the upcoming term to be finalized so I can do one big shop. :) )

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