Wheat Free Tempura?


I have a wheat allergy, and it means I cannot eat many of my favorite foods :( so I am always on a mission to find good wheat free recipes!

One of my favorite things is a shrimp tempura onigiri. I love them so much, and I used to eat them almost every lunch at work, but now I cannot eat them because the batter has wheat in it! Is there anyway to make tempura without wheat? Or is it just disgusting then?

If you have any wheat free tempura recipes, please share! I would really appreciate it ^^ and my belly would thank you too :3 hehe

Homemade vegetarian kimchi recipe

[I know I haven’t been posting a lot of recipes lately…travelling around so much does that to you. So here’s a great recipe for vegetarian/vegan kimchi from the forums, by Stephanie.! - maki]

I recently started making my own kimchi, because I was having trouble finding one that was fish free and without a ton of additives. It is super easy and easily customizable. continue reading...

Rice Cooker Cornbread

Hello. My name is Audrey. This is my first post. -->group says, hi audrey. *^-^*

I love the "cake" setting on my rice cooker. It makes a mean Angel food cake. I was wondering if anyone here has experimented widely with this setting. I am hoping to find a recipe for cornbread.

Thank you!

Royal fern (mazein) ideas?

Hello everybody! I just got this bag of royal fern strips, cause I was at this Korean grocery and thought it looked interesting... I mean, come on, they're so pretty as house plants. Hem, I guess the idea of eating some just caught my fancy. However, I don't know what to do with them. I tried eating them raw, but that was honestly kind of gross. Anyone ever heard of or used them? Thanks.

Beetroot and bean korokke recipe

Here's a korokke recipe that I invented (or at least I didn't get it from anywhere, which doesn't mean that somebody else didn't think of it before!).

I'm entering this as part of the vegetarian bento contest.

Right, to the recipe itself!

Two medium-size beetroot
200g cannellini beans (cooked; I had mine out of a tin)
One egg, beaten
Panko continue reading...

Spiced Chickpeas

Here is my recipe for spiced chickpeas. I love making these because they are really fun to experiment with and very easy to make.

Veggie Time

Spiced Chickpeas

1 can of chickpeas (or equivalent soaked chickpeas)
2 tb olive oil
2 cups veggie stock
1 shallot, chopped
2 tbs tomato sauce (or even ketchup if you like things sweeter)
1 clove chopped garlic (optional) continue reading...

Onoono / Kaku (各) in Japanese Recipes?

I was trying to translate this word, 各, but I'm still puzzled after finding the meaning. I read that it means, "each, every, either", but I'm not sure how that works in a recipe. In one recipe, it was used twice with liquids, "酒各小さじ1" and "水各大さじ1/2".

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! :)

japanese salad dressing

Hi Maki,

I've been to a japanese restaurant and I asked a bento bok for lunch. It had (among lots of other things) a simple green salad with a dressing that was to die for. I had it on some other restaurants so I guess this is a common recipe...
The sauce was rather... "solid" i guess it has grated ginger... I'd love to dress my salads with it. Can you help me maki? :D

Thanks!! :D