Beetroot and bean korokke recipe

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Here's a korokke recipe that I invented (or at least I didn't get it from anywhere, which doesn't mean that somebody else didn't think of it before!).

I'm entering this as part of the vegetarian bento contest.

Right, to the recipe itself!

Two medium-size beetroot
200g cannellini beans (cooked; I had mine out of a tin)
One egg, beaten

Peel and quarter the beetroot, and steam them. Once they’re cool, puree along with the beans, and season with salt (generous is good here). If the mixture is too sloppy or soft, add flour or panko until it is the right consistency to hold its shape.

Form patties out of the mixture – because it can be quite sloppy, the patties can be quite delicate, so small ones (start with a ping-pong ball size scoop) are easier to handle. Coat them in flour, then the beaten egg, and finally the panko.

Either deep fry them, or fry in a pan with enough oil to come halfway up the side of the korokke.

Drain on kitchen paper.

I was going to eat these with tonkatsu sauce, but when I tried one, they were quite sweet on their own so I didn't.

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Re: Beetroot and bean korokke recipe

I make mashed canellini based fritters quite frequently * but would never have thought of combining them with beetroot. Thanks! I'll definitely be trying out this recipe.

I thought you might be interested in another beetroot combination, especially as I think it goes so well with fitters/croquettes/rissoles.
A few years ago there used to be a cheap and genuine Japanese bento takeaway in London who made this lovely pickled ume-'plum' mayonnaise sauce to go into some of their lunch boxes. I'd run out of ume and tried making a sauce by combining some mashed lightly pickled beetroot with shiso furikake (AKA yukari) and then mixing with mayonnaise and lightening it with a little creme fraiche (you can use yogurt or sour cream or any combination to make it creamy in the way you like best, or if you want to lower the calorie content).
I tried making the sauce again with ume and mayonnaise but everyone had got to prefer the yukari seasoned beetroot version.

(* mentioned here

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