Miso Mustard Greens

This was an impromptu attempt to use up some turnip greens. I guess it is a kind of ohitashi.

1 small bunch turnip or other greens
Boil until done to your liking, drain and chop

2 tbsp white miso
1 tbsp mustard powder
about 1 tbsp mirin or cooking water, to smooth the sauce
mix this together until smooth and mix in with the chopped greens

This much mustard powder makes it very hot. You could cut back.

Mini hamburguers

Another bento friendly recipe from my grandmother <3
This is my favourite food ever, my grandmother taught it to me when I left my parent's home.

This will make for a lot of food, my husband and me eat this at once when I cook it but sometimes we have some leftovers that can be perfect for bento.

- about 400-500 g of ground meat.
- 1 egg
- ground bread (it's better if it's hardened, like the bread from the day before)
- a glass of milk
- salt to taste (i made them saltless)
- flour (a lot!)
- oil

1.- beat the egg and add salt continue reading...

Spanish omelette recipe for bento

Hi people this is my first post.

I've decided to go bento since i need to save some money due to financial crisis ._.
So I've been lurking lots of bento-friendly recipes through the Internet when I realized that the most traditional recipe here in Madrid can be easily used for bentos!
I'm writing the recipe below... no photos, sorry. I'll made some next time i cook another omelette!
Please note this is not diet food at all!

This is a little tricky to do but it tastes greatly either cold or just made and will last a few days in the fridge.

You'll need:
- 3 eggs continue reading...

Lentil Snack Recipe - Need alternate for Bulgur

I like the recipe on just hungry for lentil snacks, but I can't have wheat gluten anymore, so bulgur is out.

I need a substitute for it, and I was thinking about cooked brown rice. It's a little nutty, which I think would replace what might be lost from the bulgur.

Does anyone who's familiar with these have any ideas about alterations to make them gluten-free? Does the brown rice sound like it would work?

Gain weight with bentos

I know lots of people use bentos as a healthy and tasty way of losing weight, and I think that's great. But some of us have the opposite problem, we need to put weight on (don't be jealous, it aint good!). Ok so I could make one HUGE bento or just go to Mcdonalds instead, but seriously I can only eat so much and I want to do it healthily! Does anyone have any good ideas for putting weight on healthily with bentos?

Kombu for dashi.. cook's treat?

I have a question about making dashi. I make dashi with some regularity, and I put the kombu & bonito in the freezer to make niban dashi, and this makes me happy to be getting good use from these ingredients. continue reading...