Are some of these bentos worth the price? Some seem so expensive!

Hello there everyone. As I am kind of shopping around (more like drooling & wanting more bento stuff) before I start college, I've been looking at multiple different sites for mainly bento box sets (primarily Jlist & Ebay, but I personally look more on Ebay). For the most part I've had my eye on the cute bentos (I have a thing for cute japanese things & characters) but they just seem so expensive. Say over $30 for the run of the mill set with a box, utensils, bag, and maybe another box or drink bottle. I feel a majority of these have tacked on import prices because they are "Japanese" or "from japan". I absolutely adore some of the sets though, from a Hansel and Gretel themed set that would cost about $40 to a strawberry set for about the same price. I know that I should just stick to the stuff I can get for $1.50 at Ichiban Kan and Daiso in the SF bay area, but these cute sets tempt me! So do you think they are worth the high prices? Do you know the truth behind it? Also, should I just consider investing in something a little more heavy duty / not plastic?
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