Get Your Bento Stationery!

Bento is hot and hip as we all know! And now, you can have it for your correspondence too. (Drum roll please!...) I present the Obento stationery set. (See listing on Etsy.) I wanted to capture the elegance of bento boxes and share the love of these stylish lunch carriers. A bento box, chop sticks and "Obento" in both Japanese and English adorn this set of 5 cards an envelopes. Bento card 4x5.5 inches - set of 5
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Hi! My name is Ashley (You can call me Atomic or Darling or AtomicDarling or any further variation of :p). I just recently began making bento meals for myself and my husband in an effort for both of us to eat healthier and possibly lose weight. I'm not so great at these introduction things so I'm going to leave it at this for now. I just wanted to say "Hello!" ^_^
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Wellington New Zealand - New sushi/bento takeaway!

Friends of mine are opening a take out shop in Featherston St, Wellington (New Zealand) on Tuesday 17th August. It's called Yoshi's Sushi and Bento, which is great, because a lot of sushi places here sell 'bento' but there is not a lot of variety. Yoshi is a Japanese chef who has worked in several great Japanese restaurants in Wellington, so the food will defintely be authentic. If you're from Wellington or passing through (New Zealand is a great holiday destination) check it out.
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Are some of these bentos worth the price? Some seem so expensive!

Hello there everyone. As I am kind of shopping around (more like drooling & wanting more bento stuff) before I start college, I've been looking at multiple different sites for mainly bento box sets (primarily Jlist & Ebay, but I personally look more on Ebay).
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Mushi Pan variations for dough and topping?

I'm in love with Mushi-Pan right now and I also tried my own one some days ago! I also made some Matcha-butter-cream and Sesame-peanut-cream as a topping. It was delicious, but I want to try more flavors. Do you have any tips for me how to variate the Mushi-Pan-dough a little bit? What is your favorite-Mushi-Pan ingredient? (for example, chocolate, fruits or any other cream as a topping...?) Thx for all your help! =D
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Furikake stencils

I recently bought a few packets of stencils for sprinkling furikake to make trains, cats or rabbits. Stupidly, I read the instructions once then threw them out before actually using it. When I went to try it, the furikake didn't stay anywhere I wanted it too, and what was there came off when I took away the stencil. What's the trick?