Ask Maki Food Questions

Crispy Rice In A Rice Cooker

Help! I keep getting crispy rice at the bottom in my rice cooker. I have followed the directions for the rice itself and also for the cooker. I am using white rice (Botan brand), and I wash it and let it soak overnight so it is ready in about 4-6 hours for morning bentos and breakfast. Any help please?


So I managed to find a tesco near me that sells Daikon (well mooli) so I now have a lovely piece but I am quite unsure what to do with it. Could I just use it like radish as well as in some Japanese cooking? And would I be able to freeze it?

What to do with kirimochi?

I'm visiting Tokyo right now (until Monday only! :( ) and was given some kirimochi (hard mochi cakes). I was wondering if Maki had any recommendations on how to cook/prepare it? I've been looking on the internet and so far all I've seen is frying it, or cooking it in the microwave oven, with soy sauce, etc. Any other ideas?

Thank you :)

a type of dango-ish thingy?

Since university, I've enjoyed cooking my own meals (necessity became enjoyment) and having recently started my first graduate job (meaning low pay, high transportation costs) what better time to use my 'uni skills'. When I came across your website, it was seriously a lifesaver! I didn't hesitate to buy your book when I saw it released at my local Kinokuniya bookstore (I live in Malaysia if you're curious). Thankfully there is rather large japanese community here in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburbs that it is quite easy to get the japanese ingredients. continue reading...


Hi Maki,

I'm back from Japan and I've got a big question.... What is purukogi???


Powdered tofu?

Hi Maki,

A friend asked me if I could look for a powdered tofu for use in making a Vietnamese dessert that is a kind of gelatin. Do you know what this might be and where could I find it in Japan? Thanks!

Sake alternative

I love the recipes here and cook them quite often for my work lunch group. Only problem is that there's a new person in our group who is a recovering alcoholic. I don't want to cause any problems for her because of my carelessness. Can anyone suggest an alternative to sake & mirin that will offer some of the same benefits (i.e. tenderizing the protein) without the drawbacks?? Please help!!! I want to make both Chili Prawns & Soboro, so any help is welcome. Thank you in advance!

Kiyoken's Shumai Factory Tour

Morning, Maki!
Have you ever been on the Kiyoken Factory Tour in Yokohama? Each time that I have been in Tokyo I've bought a box of their shumai in a department store just so that I can have the Hyo-chan ceramic shoyu container. I see from your Tokyo Google Map that you've been to a Kiyoken restaurant. I'd certainly go to there for the shumai , especially if I could get more Hyo-chans. ^_^