What to do with kirimochi?

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I'm visiting Tokyo right now (until Monday only! :( ) and was given some kirimochi (hard mochi cakes). I was wondering if Maki had any recommendations on how to cook/prepare it? I've been looking on the internet and so far all I've seen is frying it, or cooking it in the microwave oven, with soy sauce, etc. Any other ideas?

Thank you :)

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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

Don't leave it too long before you experiment with it. I've been given kirimochi before and it went moldy just a few days after I brought it back to London.

If you have a waffle pan you can try moffles

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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

Moffles are great. Try also the last recipe in this article - the soy sauce-butter-onion-nori one. Delish! And avery bad for your waistline. Try also mochi pizza - cook kirimochi in toaster oven until softened inside, take out and let deflate, put on pizza toppings (sauce, cheese), return to toaster oven and cook till cheese is melty. Delish! And also very bad for your waistline.


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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

I love traditionally prepared mochi, but moffles have become my new favorite breakfast. Sugar and shoyu, and butter & maple syrup are great toppings. Peanut butter and jelly might be nice. I've been playing with the idea of topping a moffle with creamed tuna or beef stew. A cold moffle could be crumbled and used as a garnish for soup in place of oyster crackers or croutons. Perhaps readers who avoid gluten could come up with some other ideas.

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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

These moffles look delicious! I don't have a waffle maker, but I am always looking for new gluten free breakfast foods! I will definitely try toasted kirimochi (hope I'll get some). Can anybody let me know how it is pronounced correctly, please? Thank you :)

Oh, I had a mochi doughnut yesterday, and it was amazingly good. If the waffles / toasted varieties are at all like this, I already know that I will like it...

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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

I must have said it somewhat correctly, I got them :) And have already cooked one, with the soy sauce-butter-nori topping. Very delicious. I love the gooey texture. Not sure this will be accepted as a breakfast food, but it definitely is a quick & easy (and satisfying!!) snack. Thanks so much for the tip. Should I keep the rest of the kirimochi in the fridge? Can I freeze them? How long will they keep? It's all on the packaging, I suppose, I just can't read it ;)
Thanks so much!

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Re: What to do with kirimochi?

Ah, I hope it's not too late for me to add another serving suggestion for kirimochi. >_<
I think moffles would also go well with tempe bacem. It's a traditional Indonesian dish, you can read a brief description about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempeh
Only works well if the kirimochi has a plain taste, though.

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