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I made your teriyaki chicken bites and they were WONDERFUL! I saved a few bites, chopped them up and made onigiri with chicken filling, Yum!

My question is can the marinade be used as a teriyaki sauce? I mean make it, don't use it as marinade but maybe cook it on the stovetop to thicken it slightly? It seems very thin and watery as a marinade but thickened up as the chicked cooked. Would cooking it maybe thicken it up? I'd really like to have it as a side sauce for the onigiri and other things. Its so much better than the bottled stuff I can get.... continue reading...


I have the pan and the method for cooking tamagoyaki set to the point where it's more fun than chore. I'm just working on perfecting the recipe. My question is, does it have to be sweet? Every recipe I read has so much sugar in it. Sweet eggs kind of make me gag (I hate french toast), though I do tend to dip my slices in ketchup.

I make tamagoyaki with dashi (or vegetable broth), mirin, soy sauce and salt (and sometimes onion or garlic powder). Is that still, technically, tamagoyaki? Is it the method or the recipe that's important?

Japanese bread recipes

I would love to be able to make homemade melon pan or an pan. Do you have any good recipes? I also have a bread machine and wonder if the recipes could be adapted for use in the machine. Thanks!