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yuca root toxicity

i went to the Asian grocery and got yuca root.


Then i went to the wikipedia page and found out it has cyanide in it if improperly processed...


um, what do u think i should do with it?

I dont know what is nice..?

Well. I dont really like Japanese food that much and I dont like Plain rice... or cold rice. I tried Japanese food because I thought that in the end I will find something nice. But Whatever I taste except 4 Pocky..I dont like it! So Im trying to find somethinghere but Im sort of struggled.... So Im asking 4 help.. Im looking 4 something Japanese. Only! And something that will be good to eat cold too. And that dont need to much ingredients and time... I know its robably impossible to find something..but plz! I want to give Japanese. Food a chance!

Morinaga Pancake Mix

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I thought it belonged here!

I've just today bought a box of Morinaga pancake mix, after considering it a few times. I understand the directions for the most part, but I'm completely stumped about this towel thing! I've tried googling it, but no luck. I watched the video on the site, but I still don't get it. continue reading...

Question for Japanese members about rice


I'm doing some research for my website. Can you please tell me if your family has rice during dinner, or at the end of the meal, with pickles and miso soup?

The reason I ask is because my family always has (and had) rice at the end of the meal, with pickles and soup. This is also the way rice is served at the traditional better restaurants in Japan, so I always assumed it was the norm. However, after starting Savory Japan, I heard from some Japanese natives who had a different experience, with rice served during the meal. continue reading...

BBC "Economy Gastronomy" - anyone else see it?


Considering the aim of so many of us to become more frugal in our lifestyles, I was rather looking forward to this series hoping I could pick up some useful tips.

Alas, the series wasn't aimed at me at all. continue reading...

Desperately seeking edamame

I live in the south of France and I can not seem to find edamame anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? It is one of my favorite foods and I am really missing it badly! Thanks in advance...

Pea Pods

I bought some peas in pods this week (I was in a hurry and just thought 'Ooh, massive sugar snap peas!' D'oh!) and very much enjoyed the theraputic activity that is podding peas. I was podded a load last night to make this for the umpteenth time: http://www.justhungry.com/my-mothers-simply-braised-spring-vegetables-hi... but was feeling a little guilty for chucking out the pods. I even gave one a nibble and it was nice, but a little tougher than those of peas that are cultivated to be eaten in their pods - obviously! continue reading...

How do you make soy milk?

I was at my friend's place the other night, and her auntie was making soy milk. The way in which it was made was with a bought soy milk maker. It was a machine specifically designed for the purpose of making soy milk from the bean.
I don't have one at home, but I'd like to have a go at making it. Does anyone make soy milk themselves, and if you do, how do you go about making it?
To buy a soy milk maker, is it one of those appliances where you get what you pay for? Or are they about the same with any given price?