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Lactose Intolerance

About a month or two ago I found out I was Lactose Intolerant. Sucks really. I can't enjoy as many of the foods as I had before. I've tried soy, rice, and almond milk and I like them pretty well. But what about cheese and ice cream? Where can I buy dairy free cheese and ice cream. Or even butter? Also, does aged cheese really not have lactose in it? And what cheese would that be...

Sorry for all the questions. Just not being able to eat dairy makes me sad :( Thanks for all your help!

Slimming World for those who are interested...

as it's been mentioned a few times now I thought I would make a quick post explaining how Slimming World works as Bentos are perfect for the plan I'm on and maybe some other people will benefit too :)

Before I start let me say that I have tried many diets in my time, most notably besides Slimming World, probably Weight Watchers, where I found I was always hungry and I hated that I was limited to how much fruit I could have in a day due to the "points" system. continue reading...

UK-based Japanese vegetable growers

Really nice article here: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20100922f2.html about a Sussex-based farm that specialises in Japanese veggies. So glad to see enterprises like this, which probably make it a lot easier for London and South East restaurants to get fresher ingredients.

I'd like to know if any UK bento-ers out there have used these guys' produce, or would consider it (I'm in Newcastle, so it's a bit far; maybe when I go and visit the folks!). continue reading...

Just made my very first Onigiri!

Well, just made my first ever Onigiri! It was sooooo much fun although I did end up burning my hands with the hot rice and I need to work on my onigiri "sizes" as they are still quite irregular - lol


not bad for a first attempt I thought :)



Ok so I had never even heard of MSG and its 'dangers' until I started to read about Japanese and Oriental cooking. I have never experienced 'Chinese restaurant syndrome' nor have I met anyone who has. So I was very surprised to learn about it.

Then once I had discovered its apparent dangers, I watch something on the good old BBC that seemed to suggest the opposite. The show was E-Numbers: An Edible Adventure and it was the first or second episode. If you can watch iPlayer, do so as it is awesome. If not I am sure someone has youtubed it already. continue reading...

The hallucinogenic Pain de Provence mystery


I've been aware of the this story, where many people in a village called Pont-Saint-Esprit in Southern France became temporarily insane, for a few years now.
The accepted theory was that some bread flour had become contaminated with ergot, a toxic fungus. There are theories also that some of the hysteria of the Salem witch trials was fueled by the effects of ergot poisoning.

This possible revelation that the bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit's poor citizens was purposefully poisoned by a government agency is really chilling.

Building up a bento staple list for the poor college student

(From the forums…what’s on your bento staple list? - maki)

Hello & hate to pop back in after so long.

So I’ve FINALLY found the right opportunity to start bento-ing. I’ll be living in dorms next year, but it’ll be an apartment set up, so i’ll have my own freaking kitchen to cook.

So I was wondering if I could get suggestions on a staple list that I can acquire at your basic grocery store. continue reading...

digging up gobo

hello everyone,
and thanks for reading yet another "other food talk" topic from me.
there are a lot of greater burdock plants growing wild in germany, here they are known as große kletten and not eaten. my grandpa once told me the roots were edible. he said they were ok "war food", especially with a bit of rabbit, but "woody" and that he wouldn't eat them as long as he could have real potatoes. continue reading...