Morinaga Pancake Mix

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I thought it belonged here!

I've just today bought a box of Morinaga pancake mix, after considering it a few times. I understand the directions for the most part, but I'm completely stumped about this towel thing! I've tried googling it, but no luck. I watched the video on the site, but I still don't get it.

So, I hope somebody will know the answer. What am I supposed to do at the wet towel part? Do I heat up a really hot pan, put it on the towel for whatever reason, and then put it on lower heat...? I seriously don't know what's going on haha.

If anybody can shed a little light on this, I'd be really grateful!

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I think I may have found them on the internet:

(Its the image on the left - the one on the right is for another brand)

I hope this helps someone who can answer you.

And welcome to the forum, tsukimi!

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Re: Morinaga Pancake Mix

The wet towel is to cool down and even out the heat of the frying pan, so that the pancake cooks evenly. You're supposed to heat up the pan over medium heat. Keep in mind that most Japanese households have gas cooktops, and the wet-towel thing may not be necessary if you have an evenly heating electric/IH etc. cookstop.


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Re: Morinaga Pancake Mix

Thank you so much! That makes plenty of sense now that I think about it.

Ahh~ now I can finally try and make these pancakes :")

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