Ok so I had never even heard of MSG and its 'dangers' until I started to read about Japanese and Oriental cooking. I have never experienced 'Chinese restaurant syndrome' nor have I met anyone who has. So I was very surprised to learn about it.

Then once I had discovered its apparent dangers, I watch something on the good old BBC that seemed to suggest the opposite. The show was E-Numbers: An Edible Adventure and it was the first or second episode. If you can watch iPlayer, do so as it is awesome. If not I am sure someone has youtubed it already. continue reading...

BBC "Economy Gastronomy" - anyone else see it?

Considering the aim of so many of us to become more frugal in our lifestyles, I was rather looking forward to this series hoping I could pick up some useful tips.

Alas, the series wasn't aimed at me at all. continue reading...