Desperately seeking edamame

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I live in the south of France and I can not seem to find edamame anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? It is one of my favorite foods and I am really missing it badly! Thanks in advance...

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Re: Desperately seeking edamame

I just looked and saw a recent comment in another blog from someone who lived in Marseilles asking this same question.

The response was the frozen food company Picard. Hopefully there's one near where you are.

I investigated and found this:
It's a bit pricey, particularly as it comes with a sauce you probably won't want.

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Re: Desperately seeking edamame

Maybe not much help to you either, but Sainsburys now have edamame in the freezer section. Birds Eye brand of all things!


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Re: Desperately seeking edamame

I'm headed to Aix in about a week for a month's stay so I'll look around, but for the moment the only edamame I have found is frozen at one of the stores in Lyon, which I wrote about here (it wasn't at Paristore, but one of the other places...I can't remember which at the moment). At this point I'm thinking that if I want a steady supply of edamame in the Provence I'm going to have to grow them myself...which shouldn't be hard, given the climate, but a garden would be needed of course.


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