Just made my very first Onigiri!

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Well, just made my first ever Onigiri! It was sooooo much fun although I did end up burning my hands with the hot rice and I need to work on my onigiri "sizes" as they are still quite irregular - lol


not bad for a first attempt I thought :)



Om nom nom

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Re: Just made my very first Onigiri!

Those look mighty fine! I can never get mine to work properly just by hand - I always resort to the clingfilm technique - so you've done well there.

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Re: Just made my very first Onigiri!

They look great. I ended up buying an onigiri mold. That way I can make the onigiri when the rice is really hot yet and not burn my hands.

Re: Just made my very first Onigiri!

I've just made my first few onigiris since my brother came from Japan after he's lived here for a year. I must admit that your sizes are much more regular than mine :) My were like S - M - XL. But your seems to have a same flaw as mine does. They are pressed TOO firmly, according to my brother. But they are really good for first attempt! ;) I hope you won't get burnt next time. :) Have a nice day! :)

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Re: Just made my very first Onigiri!

They look super tasty! Did you fill them with anything? I use the sandwich bag method, but the rice still has to be cool for that to work. My favorite filling is Maki's miso-tahini-walnut paste. However, I think I might also try inari and cucumber, like this Japanese restaurant in my town does. But anyway, your first attempt looks great to me!


Onaka ga suiteiru!

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