The hallucinogenic Pain de Provence mystery

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I've been aware of the this story, where many people in a village called Pont-Saint-Esprit in Southern France became temporarily insane, for a few years now.
The accepted theory was that some bread flour had become contaminated with ergot, a toxic fungus. There are theories also that some of the hysteria of the Salem witch trials was fueled by the effects of ergot poisoning.

This possible revelation that the bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit's poor citizens was purposefully poisoned by a government agency is really chilling.

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Re: The hallucinogenic Pain de Provence mystery

There's always a conspiracy theorist trying to blame the government though. How else did AIDs, and every other STD become prevelant? (there's a theory stating government was involved in almost every STD out there). I take a different approach to the Salem witch trials, but have studied it extensively in high school and college. I am aware of the ergot theory, but more was at work than simple hallucinagenics. I actually got a chance to discuss my ideas with an american history professor this past week and he was impressed with the information I found upon studying and thought it had merit as a political ploy by the predominant family to gain access to the land they desperately wanted. And again we are back to the government causing the riots LOL. See? Told you. It's all the president's fault. Always was and always will be for generations to come. Hee hee.


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