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Recipe Sprucing?

Yo,Hi! As you can probably tell I have had absolutely nothing to do today so I have been on the computer for a majority of the day.(This is like my 17th post...[I have absolutely no life...])Anyway, as you all know school is coming up and I am going to try and Bento as much as possible. I take a bus to school which comes at around ... oh ... 7:25-ish and I get up at around 5:45-6:00. So my grain (rice) and veggies (self-explanatory lol) are already fit into my schedule because of my oh, so lovely Rice Cooker.My morning schedule normally goes somewhat like this:
6:00-Get up.

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Question about Gyoza.

Hello everyone.

I'm kinda new to a WHOLE bunch of Japanese least preparing them, anyway.

I noticed in this video...
...that the "sheets" he's using look a lot like won-ton "sheets".

I live in Ontario, in a town called Belleville.
I'm pretty new to the town, and not sure where I'd fine the proper "sheets" for Gyoza, but I have seen the won-ton ones all over the place at the regular grocery.

I'm curious if I could sub the proper "sheet" for the won-ton "sheets"?
Would it work? Or just fall apart? :(



I just ran across this link to a site showing how to make Lolipop-Pies, and it struck me as the perfect thing for a bento. What a great way of including a small portion desert which travels well!

Here's the link:

Has anyone else got any recipes similar to this in concept? If so, what are they? Has anyone else tried making anything like this in the past?


Corn fritters?

I have just seen the wonderful Japanese movie Still Walking (Aruitemo, aruitemo). Apart from being a great movie it is also full of Japanese cooking and dishes. One dish they make is some kind of corn fritters: corn on the cob is peeled and then seems to be made into little patties and deep fried. Possibly there is shrimp in them as well, since we see the grandmother peeling and preparing shrimps at the same time. I wonder if anybody has more information on how to make these little "fritters", they seemed to be delicious?

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Royal fern (mazein) ideas?

Hello everybody! I just got this bag of royal fern strips, cause I was at this Korean grocery and thought it looked interesting... I mean, come on, they're so pretty as house plants. Hem, I guess the idea of eating some just caught my fancy. However, I don't know what to do with them. I tried eating them raw, but that was honestly kind of gross. Anyone ever heard of or used them? Thanks.

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Ideas for a picky family

Ok, well, my family is overweight and picky. We also need a special diet as well.

Diabetic - My mom has diabetes which means me, Amber (sister), and Selene (5 moth old daughter) are all at risk for diabetes. The meals need to be high in protein and low in carbs. Also, she doesn't eat eggs unless they're scrambled.
Lacto-Ovo - I don't eat red meat, but I'll eat anything else.

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Radish ideas?

I bought a bag of radishes on a whim, and now I'm not so sure what to do with them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bento-friendly or otherwise?

I suppose I could always pop them in a hole in the wall and hope that the Fraggles find them... :)