Question about Gyoza.

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Hello everyone.

I'm kinda new to a WHOLE bunch of Japanese least preparing them, anyway.

I noticed in this video...
...that the "sheets" he's using look a lot like won-ton "sheets".

I live in Ontario, in a town called Belleville.
I'm pretty new to the town, and not sure where I'd fine the proper "sheets" for Gyoza, but I have seen the won-ton ones all over the place at the regular grocery.

I'm curious if I could sub the proper "sheet" for the won-ton "sheets"?
Would it work? Or just fall apart? :(

Also, I was wondering if I could cook them in the oven, instead of steaming them?
Or maybe even frying them in a pan (although, I'd prefer the oven)

Also, if you could give me some of you favorite recipes of Gyoza, that would get me started :)
Thanks for the help


I'm getting my Bento on:P

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Re: Question about Gyoza.

I made these ones last night:

They're very yummy. I had some in my bento today and I froze the rest.
Gyoza skins in my asian foodstore are also listed as dumpling wrappers. Won ton wrappers tend to be square whereas gyoza wrappers are round. The ones I can buy are in the freezer section, they're not fresh ones.

hope this helps, buut as I'm in UK I can't recommend any suppliers for your area :0)


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Re: Question about Gyoza.

Adriana, you may want to take a look at the Japanese grocery store list for Canada. There's nothing listed for Belleville but there are several in Toronto. Also, here is my recipe for gyoza dumplings which has step by step instructions. Wonton skins tend to be smaller and thinner than gyoza skins, so you can try putting a tiny bit of filling in them. But they are really best suited for well, wonton.


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