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New 'Bento recipe cookbook' section

We've sort of experimentally opened a new 'Bento recipe cookbook' section. The idea is that recipe talk, such as suggestions for various recipe ideas (vegetarian, spicy, etc.) and questions, remain here in Bento Recipes, and individual more or less complete recipes go in the Cookbook section. continue reading...

Quinoa Makizushi - an idea from Heston Blumenthal

My mother brought me a book to look at recently. It's called Heston Blumenthal at home. Amongst the recipes was a technique which I think would be of interest to the Just Bento community. I wish I could say that I could have come up with it myself but there is a step which makes quinoa suitable for spreading and rolling in nori I would never have ever considered trying. I won't go into too much detail as I have no wish to infringe his creative copyright but the basic principle is easy to share.

To begin with, his tips for preparing quinoa: continue reading...

ricecooker onigiri


I just purchased a ricecooker so I can make my onigiri fresh in the morning, instead of making a whole batch and freezing them. Now I'm wondering whether or not I have to wrap them in clingfilm while still hot when I make them fresh or not. Or if I can just put them warm in a box (with just the onigiri, nothing else in it).
Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Homemade natto?

I was wondering if anyone's ever made their own natto? How easy is it? I actually haven't tried natto yet, but I do have dried soybeans on hand. I know I'd probably have to scrounge around for the active ingredients, which might be even harder to find than prepared natto... but I'm scared of buying something only to have to throw it away; at least if I made it myself, I could make a very small batch, and disguise it.

'cooked' fresh vegetables and fruit

I'm putting this here rather than in the general recipes section because I think it kind of applies to bento cooking in terms of increasing food safety, and so I'm hoping there might be lots of bento-intended recipes that will work quite well. :) continue reading...

Homemade bbq sauce?

Hey everyone, I really want to make pan-cooked bbq chicken for one of my bento, but I am very broke because of Christmas shopping! (Seriously, I can't even afford to buy a bottle of bbq sauce right now. >_>)

So I was wondering if you had any recipes of your own? I'd rather it not be too complicated--after all, I am broke. But I do have worcestershire sauce, ketchup, various cooking wines. The flavor doesn't have to be EXACTLY like bbq sauce, just similar and somewhat sweet--maybe even a little spicy.

Thanks for your help!

A Surplus of Supplies

In the area where I am currently located, the only thing I have access to, in ways of japanese food supplies is bulk bulk and more bulk...
While i have no problem when this is rice and soba noodles ^.^
Someone recently bought me 2 pounds (907 grams) of tahini which i have no idea what to do with considering i'm a non-native bentoist.
So i would love if anyone could post any ideas so I don't waste perfectly good food.

Need more VEGGIES!! (that are palatable in bento)

I'm having a lot of difficulty packing enough veggies into my bentos. I love carrots, raw or cooked, so I make carrot kinpira quite a lot (thanks Maki!) but I need more greens. I love asparagus, but it never is even remotely palatable after it cools down in my bento. I detest broccoli- no matter how I try to like it I just can't stomach it- so always seeing it in bento pictures makes me sad. Isn't there anything else I can pack for a nice, balanced, GREEN bento? continue reading...