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Hi people!! :)
the doctor told my husband the other day to stop eating so much fat and greasy meat so I started buying tofu and soy based products.
But I have to dwell with the fact that my husband does not like tofu (except when having miso) so I need easy and tasty recipes to "catch" him.

Something like deep fried tofu seems a good way to start but I have no idea how to do it :(
Is it ok to use olive oil? Can it be eaten raw on salads? Argghhh!
I saw maki's bacon+tofu recipe but i guess it's of no use for us since bacon is greasy meat :(

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Turnip Pickles?

I was at the farmer's market today and I saw tht thease gret turnips were on sale! I bought two bunches thinking I could cook some and quick pickle the rest to give as gifts to my friends thinking of the article here on just bento. Unfourtunately though maki mentioned using turnips for pickles but she didn't post what recipie would be good for them. So does anybody have a good recipie for pickled turnips? :D


Rice ideas???

Hey everyone,
I finally got my bentos in the mail... *jumping up and down* and I need ideas for flavoring the rice. Unfortunely I can't think of anything beyond putting boullion cubes in the water when I steam the rice. My family also hates most veggies so I am stuck...

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Hummus ideas!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time... My job can be so stupidly absorbing sometimes...
Anyway I hope I'll be back to bentoing soon (or at least I'll be able to have lunch at home everyday until summer) so I'm thinking about heat-friendly recipes... then hummus came to my mind.

I know it can be eaten with pita bread but I find it kind of boring. So, some ideas anyone?

Also, I need to know how long would hummus last in my fridge. I prepare it with chickpeas, some olive oil and lemon juice. (other hummus recipes are also welcome! ^^)

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Got another idea...

Got another recipe idea. I normally cook this for my family but I was thinking about changing it up some.
1 1/2 lb. ground beef
garlic salt
1/2 of an onion
garlic clove
ground pepper
6 medium potatos
3 beef boul. cubes (prepare with 2 1/2 cups water instead of 3 cups)
1 box beef broth

Brown ground beef with onion, garlic, garlic salt, parsley, and pepper. Use as much of the spices as you want because when you add the beef boul. and the beef broth it will reduce the spices.

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Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

I've been seeing that this is a regular in a bento. I also saw that bento no. 64 made a egg tamagoyaki with nori in the middle. Here's my idea... couldn't you use other ingredints like bacon or sliced ham in the middle of the egg tamagoyaki?
If so does anyone have any idea's about more ingredints???

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Need help with my bento for my family....


I'm new to making a bento... I need some friendly non veggie recipes for my family. I think the only veggies they will eat are rice, potatos, and carrots. They will also eat fried rice and egg's and I know they like viena sausage. If the onion is cut up finely they don't mind it. I'm sorry my family is really picky... trying to teach my 2 year old not to be that picky but with a dad and uncle like he's got I don't know what's going to happen.