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What to do with extra Nagaimo?

I bought some nagaimo,(or mountain yam) for a recipe and I have quite a bit leftover. It's sold here wrapped two or three sections together, so after using about half of one 8" length I've got that one and a whole other 8" section leftover. I did grate more and added some to a meatloaf and a soup, but still that only used about 3 or 4 tablespoons.
What else can you do with nagaimo besides grated in things? Can it be cooked like a root veggie? Does it still get gooey when you cook it whole? Any ideas would be appreciated; I'd hate to see it go bad in the fridge. Thanks!



For my version of siu mai I used ground pork, prawns, cooking wine, salt and pepper, and some ginger ( a very small amount) chopped altogether very finely then wrapped up in won to skins. I can buy gyoza wrapper here in Northern Ireland too. I thought I had sealed my sui mai tightly but they come undone when steming to end up quite sloppy Roll Eyes Roll Eyes What am I doing wrong??


Canned Azuki?

I apologize profusely if this has already been discussed, but I am not sure how the searching works!

I have always wanted to learn to cook azuki, especially to make daifuku (I could order just this at sushi restaurants!)

I went looking for some uncooked beans at Wegman's(<3) but all I could find were canned beans. I've now found a source for the dry kind, but I don't want to waste the can I bought.

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On the go eating

Now, most days I make bento, and have at least an hour to enjoy my lunch. However, on Fridays, I don't get a lunch break. Any food has to be eaten whilst running across my rather large campus.
I've been taking sandwiches, but I'm already getting sick of them (the whole point of bento is not eating sandwiches, darnit!)
So, I'm looking for suggestions on easy to eat on the go food.

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Easy to make & chew vegetables?

Hello again everyone. I've another question for all of you, if that's okay. I don't get near enough vegetables- I don't think I get any, in fact, during my average day. But I have braces, and everything I've tried it kind of hard for me to chew. Either it's completely impossible (-should've seen me try to bite into a carrot the other day. You probably would've laughed at me- ) or it's just hard and takes to long (-I cut some zucchini and squash into slices, and I only ate about half of the amount I packed in my school's designated lunch time.-)


Ramen Noodles

I have seen some neat bento using Ramen noodles as a background. Don't they dry out and get nasty? I would like to pack them and add some veggies to them for my son's bento in an attempt to get him to try new things. With halloween coming up, they would be great for making some "gross" bentos!